Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shell's car.

This is Nik.comin in over.

Assalamualaikum readers.

as for a mechanical and university student, selain daripada belajar jer ader la project lain yg kami boleh lakukan utk menambahkan pengalaman and so on. for my course, there's this,competition called
cool kan.pertandingan ni dianjurkan oleh Shell itself lah which what makes it more cooler. hehe
so about the competition.
it is being held in Sepang every year in July. this is not a racing for speed competition but for fuel effuciency. the car that go the farthest and save more fuel, basicly WIN. mcm tu la.
there's 2 type of category. Urban and Prototype. we planned to take part in Urban this year.
Urban means making an eco friendly car. like last year my senior made the urban car covered with tin-tin air yg dileperkan.
as for Prototype. buat mcm racing car la.

seriously, the fact that competiton ni dijalankan di Litar F1 Sepang makes it so MUCH cooler.haha

this is the car in Urban category. sbb the car was made form plywood. so eco friendly la kot. oh yes. the car above is also the car tht wins the Ecofriendly award. USM team won it. they get 5000USD. kagum kan. undergrad jer kot. 

and for prototype

hhaaaa. tu la. sila google sendirik. yer.

Jabatan Kejuruteraan Mekanikal. UPM. send our application to participate this year
BUT rezeki tidak menyebelahi kami. about 150 teams participate for this year competiton. UPM was not one of them. sgt menyedihkan sesungguhnyer saya terpaksa mengharungi masa2 gelap di fakulti utk attend meeting and di interview benda ni taw. seriously. :(.
what makes it so menyedihkan ialah  orang Shell kata  participate next year nyer competition .
please ask me. next year kat mana.

hmm. Shell Eco Marathon will be held in Manilla next year. yes, Shell kami mmg byk duit pown. in each team suppose ada 20 orangla. ajk kebajikan...SU... sume trmasuk la. if this competition is in other country only 8 person are being sponsored to go. yang lain? sigh3.

so. today. 30th of January. kami bebudak Shell yang balik semula ke kolej waktu cuti ni demi Shell, hari ni, semua, beransur pulang ke rumah masing2.
*tarikbeg* mcm kena singkir dri AF. seyes. kami sgt terkilan dgn berita mengejutkan ini. uhuk3. *nanges*

skrang menghrapkan rayuan diterima. make us the 151 team pown takper laaa. huhu.
or. we will participate in other racing car competition. ;).

this is Nik Camelia.
over and out.

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