Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Le Dine, Mechy!

This is Nik, comin in over....

Hi people.readers.brothers.sisters.

the first year student, was given the responsibilities to handle the final year dinner. we did well.and had fun AFTER the event haha.

it was on the 31st Mei. at Vivatel Hotel. a new 4-star boutique hotel. in Cheras.
and our theme was. 
"Suit up its crime time"
tips: cara utk membuat dinner final year dinner yg gempak adlah dgn meletakkan diri as bdk final yr. good luck sapa yg kena buat utk senior mereka. :)

because ugly/candid faces are more epic to be put as the bigger picture. haha.
btw, the picture of me with the free-hair girl, those leopard print was my art. 
inspired by Cece Frey, xFactor USA.

because those frames are not for 2 people, thus, we menyelit masuk.

this is the part where I zoom in at funny part in candid photo.
one thing for sure, there were a lot of photo with the guys mouth open wide. 
weird mechy.

*inner tudung by Al Humaira' Contemporary, outer syria with rose by Hajaba and dress by Najjah. ;)

too many things to be written, but picture speaks thousands word.
such a great ending for our freshman year. hehe
clearly, we had fun.more details later.insha Allah.

This is Nik Camelia, the girl in the green scarf.
over and out.

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