Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Perfect Beach Vacation(TT&S)

This is Nik, comin in over.

Assalamualaikum readers.
so first thing first, look forward for a wonderful vacation if u are goin for one and not for the perfect one ok.
second, TT&S stands for Tips, Tricks and Suggestion.

In this post, Im goin to emphasize on how to make it easier and this is from my experience in Redang

1. TIPS:pack lightly: bring the clothes tht do not need to be iron.
you are at the beach, wear less clothes............... eh tak2. haha.
what Im trying to say is, pakai shirt biasa2 jer. inner/cardigan are not required. esp in Malaysia.

2.SUGGESTION: for muslims PLS bawak COMPASS. #iniserious
because the hotel that I stayed did not have any kiblat direction, we have to find it our self,.
fyi, its 292 degree. ;)

3. TIPS: COVER UR FOOT! untuk snorkelling.  I FIRMLY SUGGEST/URGE/PAKSA/TOLONGLA beli swimming socks or swimming shoes.haha
as for me, I am those girls who always wear socks. *ifuknowhatImean so, before we went to Redang, my sis went to a scuba diving shop to buy a diving socks which will be thicker than normal lycra socks. if you find it troublesome, you can just wear the skin colour socks, black in colour or lycra socks. :)
why I'm suggesting this?
because, when you go for snorkelling you will not bring along ur selipar so u will go barefoot,
and barefoot can be dangerous because there so many dangerous/sharp things that you may accidentally step on at the beach or even, during snorkeling. there's a lot of possibilities you can step on the coral if you are 180++com long.hehehe.
hmmm. and also for muslimah, u can cover your aurat comfortably of course. :)
get the idea?

4. TIPS & SUGGESTION: take care of your skin & hair
wear sunblock. spf 50 or more. WATERPROOF.
and also on your lips. bring along lip gloss with SPF, or the one yang moisturize for 8 hours.
I did not put anything on my lips but I took care of my skin well. balik2 mulut kering giler3, mcm ular nk bersalin kulit. mengelupas hbs-hbsan.
then make sure before goin to sleep, you have to wash it all off.
as for those whom afraid the skin might get terribly spoiled by the UV, rajin2 kan diri utk moisturize it. make sure it is always hydrated. hbs satu botol moisturizer pon takper..............................kot. -_-
tips on how to recover from sunburn will be in another post. ;)
eh, just so u know, sunblock do no prevent u from getting tanned/gelap,taw. hehe

as for rambut, JANGAN LUPA BAWAK CONDITIONER . tolongla esp guys, kalau korang tak pakai, nanti sengsorang dh nmpak mcm org laut yg menetap kat pulau tu nanti. hohoho. kitaorg lupa bawak so sorang2 rambut dh mcm dawai. -_-.
normal la kan bila dh mandi laut.
hair dryer utk travelling also will be good idea.

5. SUGGESTION: If redang is the place.
If you are goin with friendsssss and have budget, then I suggest you stay at redang Holiday, a room can accomodate up to 12 person. the package is also great.
If you are goin on FAMILY vacation then, choose a better resort that suits your family.
there are many. so choose wisely, take note on the package of snorkeling trip, the price of the room, and the facilities tht they provide.

if you dont have any underwater camera, at redang almost every resort offer the facilities to rent the camera for one day at RM50.
u can get up to 1000 shots
my suggestion is to SNAP as many picture as you can, tak payah nak tgk balik and delete gambar tak jadi. it is a waste of time and battery life. Like seriously, the battery drained quickly so use it wisely.we manage to get 200 shots shaja. -_-. tu pon only some yang jadik. and some yg betul2 cantik.

7. TIPS & TRICKS: want a shot but dont want to be drowned?
for those yang tak reti berenang seperti saya, make sure you have ur life jacket on at the entire time especially if you are at kawasan yg dalam.
to take photo inside the water, agak susah for those yg pakai life jacket because you cannot go inside the water. so have someone to push u down. if you are big or long(tinggi) have 2 people to push you down.
same goes to the cameraman, to take picture you have to be inside the water so have someone push you too.
BUT you have to push gently sbb, kalau tolak mcm nak lemaskan org tuh, nanti byk bubble yg terhasil, so gambr tak cantik sbb air tak clear. -_-

for example, here. my papa.
I was the one who push him downed sampai dier leh merangkak atas dasar u. but these was not at deep part.
this was. hehe. I dont know what kind of pose I was doing. -_-
tetibe fleksibel kan dalam air.hahahaha

 can you see the one on top pushed the one below. that is wht I was trying to say. hehe

if tak larat.
tendang masuk jer hahahahaha.
this picture is for fun.haha. please dont try this,
haha, thats me. kicking my sis in the water.hahahaha.

8. TIPS: WET Apparel
for guys, just wear shorts.make sure to cover ur knees muslimin.
for girls, its better to wear swimming suits. like what I wore.a unitard haha. spiderman-like outfit haha. its up to u. nowadays baju swimming muslimah dah byk dah. ada yang datang atas bawah seperately. ada yg dtg sekali. try it on first before buying,see which want comforts u the most.
why I suggest you to wear swimming suits. its because, its EASY to move around in the water, it DRIES quickly and EASILY cleaned. kalau dh mandi kat pantai mesti byk pasir sangkut kan. cuba beza basuh swimming suits and basuh tracksuits yg ada banyak poket tuh. which one yg korang rasa senang nak bersihkan pasir2 yg tersangkut tuh. ;)
other than tht. since my swimming suits was FIGURE-SHOWING. I wore a jersey shirt outside. :) then for my tudung, I just wore the normal tudung sarung, bila nak mandi, masukkan dalam. bila dh hbs keluarkan.
if korang beli yg muslimah nyer baju renang, senang sgt, tudung provided, and baju top dier tak FIGURE-SHOWING so now worries. INVEST wisely. buy the best. if you still dont have one. :)

9.SUGGESTION: omnomnomnom
please bring extra food. the-easy-to-hand-carry-food.
like maggi cup and so on.
if u go to the beach means you are playing with water. if you are playing with water meanS, YOU GET HUNGRY QUICKLY.
lagi2, harga benda kat pulau sume naik. -_- benda dri rm5 naik smpai rm8. paham2 jer la eh.
so, please have something to eat in your room. I think Malaysian have no problem with this.
for me, it has become a manner/ tradition to have tibits or something to munch when ever you are travelling? am I wrong?haha.


make mistake. learn from it.share it.

this is Nik Camelia, a girl who brought so many clothes but only wear some. -_-
over and out. 

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