Friday, August 2, 2013

Aegyo Sal.

This is Nik, coming in over.

assalamualaikum readers.

how was ur life? have you been living it well.?
hehe.kepochi much. :x

in this post Im going to share some useful information and share my opinion.
as you can read in the title.which sounds like korean means "cute fat" . its act korean pown. -_-


boleh carik persamaan?

well, if you are someone who already met me or you are my dear friend, then you shall be used to mine. my aegyo sal.

gebu dan padat kan.mine will be totally different form the examples gambar di atassssssss la kan. grrrr. mine are so big. -_-

I have to be honest, gmbar diambil selps balik bercuti dari Redang jadi kulit masih kering and sunburn so tempat lain di-edit kecuali kawasan mata. its original habis.haha.

at first, when I become very particular in my skin care, this under-eye fat, annoys me.
I thought it was one of the kesan2 from my eye-sore. I kind of have this irritation at the eye-nose are. so I always rub my eyes. so I thought, the under-eye bag, is of the kesan.

but clearly it was eyesore will be caused by my allergies or un-healhy liver, possibly. I have the aegyo-sal since like what, I reach puberty mungkin. I dont know. what I know is that, it has been there a long time, and it has been maintaining it shape. surprisingly amazing.
but the shade?. kehitaman di bawah lingkaran, are getting more as I get older. ayayayayay.

haha. so Im goin to pampered it and take care of it.
because Michelle Phan, the accidental youtubers who become millionaire taught me how to live and cherish it.

it make me feel so low, when a non-muslim teach you to accept yourself. :(
well, I learn from my mistake. and you shall tooo. insha- Allah.

for those who facing the same problem, I think there's a lot because, under-eye bag is common among asians girls. have a look at how michelle turn those fats into a cute fat and make ur eye SMILE.
I havent try but really looking forward for it. :)

other than that, you can also check out Michelle Phan video on how she use tea spoon for beauty.huhu.
click on the picture to go directly to the video. :)

I used a frozen tea spoon to press on those aegyo sal, to make it frim up the skin.. :) 
thts wht I learn from tht video.tak tahu betul ke tak. hohoho.

so. before I end this post. just wanna say, did you know that aegyo sal make you look younger?aegyo-sal is not the same with eyebag,tau tak?hehe
thus take care of it, dont remove/hate it. make the best out of it.

so long.

this is Nik Camelia, a girl with puffy eyes, 
over and out .

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