Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014. how it start.

This is Nik. comin in. beeep

at 0000 hour on the 1st Jan 2014 , I was snoring on my bed at college. Its exam week, its tiring.
well. Im really not in mood to "flashback" and write all the great things that happens in 2013. coz its exam's week.
but I will, if I have the time. In sya Allah.

well for starters. It aint well. coz its exam's week. -_-
I have sleeping problem. I cant sleep.
I have eating disorder problemo. I feel like I wanna puke after every meal.sbb tamak I tend to eat a lot.
I have unstable emotion. I start to argue with friends, questioning  them. misjudge. haih.
I cant stand the heat. Every afternoon feels like Im in a sauna room. the only different is its not that moist. its freakingly dry. the heat make my throat feels like burning.
I wish Allah turun kan hujan rahmat. T_T. its better to learn during raining even though sleeping is better but still the HEAT. damn.

thats all I can write for now.toodles.
Happy 2014, readers.
this is Nik Camelia Al Haded.over and out.

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