Saturday, February 1, 2014

lets start

this is nik. comin in over...................................................beeepppppp~~~~

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone.
its been awhile.
I have post nothing about how my second yr life as a mechy student.clearly. I dont have the time to write. I do have some time. but I dont make the time. I choose to sleep. kah3.

so now here I am. enjoying my holidays. its about to end in 2 weeks. thus I shall use the free time I have to post as much as possible.

1st of all.....
I did the program bakti putra. I already posted about it.

I went for bakti siswa. which is in Perlis.
the fun parts were. my facilitator is fweaking friendly.she is so cool. baksis meeting never been boring. pengarah program bdk satu batch. 13 of my classmate are in the same baksis group thus explain the pic below.
I think most of my groupmates are 2nd yr too. so its a good thing. ever fweaking person were supporting.
ada budak sama kampung dgn aku. KG SG UDANG. kampung la sgt.
best. syiok.sume ader.haha
and the sucks part is
nothing. :)

I dont play skuash  tht much because of transportation problemo. so fweaking sad.

I finally talk to some of the volleyball players and also got the chance to know their name. weird much.
yes. it is. I play volleyball every semester. everyday. everytime during study week. but I dont know any of them except my course mate of course.duh.
so thankfully some friendly players approach me. from there it all starts.

I did so many projects that some of them I am proud of but there are also which I dont want to talk about.
I created a wind fan(theoretically), then adiabatic container n the list goes bla bla bla
my 3rd sem shows me that there's a lot more to go.and Im ready for it
Im ready to create a robot. a racing car. a chair. eh.
haha. well. that is how engineering students life.

I went to desa water park. yes the one at the side of lebuhraya sg besi tuh.
yang nmpak mcm gempak tp menanyer tak pon. well it is convenient for group of families but not for youngster.
they have only 3 slide.where one of it was closed they day we went there. sucks much. therefore, saya ishtiharkan desa water park is not worth it. huhu. but I did have fun.

I cried after my last paper. hahahahaha. I cried . yes I did.
its coz I am very kecewa with myself and I hope the tears can wipe away my heartache.
but the want that help actually was my friends.
they said. "dah la nik takpe. dah lepas."
n many other things.
tp yg hilangkn rasa sedih ku serta merta adlah. "ak pon tk dpt jwb nik" *tarikhingus *lapairmata.
"ok, jom mkn"
ok tak.hahahahha. I is still kecewa.

I went home with lots of thingsssss. haha ok tak penting.

haha. yes . I went there for holidays. but not with my family. with my friends. there are 6 of em.
If I am going to talk about my sabah trip. this post's length will be infinity. that is why my sabah stories are going to be in different postsssss. wait for it. as usual I will share some tips

here I am.
in Kelantan.
dah lama tak balik.
my dad misses his hometown.
so rather than duduk dkt rumah mengemokkan diri.
kita pon decide utk gi jalan2 n menggemokkan diri. kah3.

thats all for a simple post.
will be updating soon. insya Allah.
this is Nik Camelia Al Haded. still making new experience throughout my holidays.
over and out.