Friday, April 11, 2014

Sabah Siri 1

This is nik, coming  in..................over.......................................................beep

Assalamualaikum. its been awhile since my last post. well I kept on saying the same thing and the reason will always be the same too "busy belajar"

hmm. sekarang pon samer jer. lg pun if I post anything or nothing , it do not make much different towards my daily life. so what evs....

So about Sabah. damn it took me awhile to make a post about it.
I went there in January 2014. yes. i did. but I did not immediately post about it after I got back because of the pictures. I dont have any of them. so I have to wait for the new semester to get it ALL from my friend.

ouh yes. I went there with 6 other friends.
2 from another course, Civil Eng. while others are mia' classmate

lets start!

1. I stayed there for 10 days.
2. arrive at kota kinabalu and went to Kota Klias straight away. 2 hour journey. 
the next morning, went back to kota kinabalu to pick up a friend of mine yang kena tinggal due to tak bawak IC waktu nak depart.-_-

3. had our first lunch in Sabah at a restaurant named Dapur, which serve good food and the concept of the store is also kiut miut.
Sinki nyer adalah kuali. FUNNY. macam fakhira. okbye

4. Then we went to Sutera Harbour.

Just a simple place. masuk sbb entrance dier nmpak mcm gah jer pon.

5. Back to Kota Klias, had a normal sabah-people day.breakfast, sending kids too school then pick them up in the afternoon, *mak2 gituh.

6. Our 1st tourist-like visit was KLIAS RIVER CRUISE. Here, we were able to see Bayau and for the first time in my life, I was able to experience with my own eyes, a natural Christmas trees. haha. what I meant was, kelip2 yg banyak sgt dkt pokok, smpai nampak macam Christmas trees. but, I thought the light would be bigger, then only I knew it was as big as kuku jari kelingking kaki. haaa.ckp specific dok.
Binatang ni nama dier Bayau. nama english dier, eden malas nk tanya Mr google. 

Start cruising at 5pm

Done. after 7pm. 

6. Our next awesome visit is.............................*drumroll
pure crystal blue sea.

Photo shoot is normal. when u have a camera and ure at an awesome place

I have to tell u this. THE SPEED OF THE WIND is unbelievable. windy gilos. 
THE TIP OF BORNEO. muahahahhahah. yes, the above picture. is the actual tip of borneo. and I WAS FREAKING THERE. ok over. serious.  When my Sabah fren, told us that, we are going there, I was like ok. never heard about this place, and when I google it, it looks ok. even there are not much things around. because my expectation level was low, thus, when I witness the overwhelming beauty of the Sulu Sea. for the first time, I become hysterical. not literally though. my mind was.
yes. it is literally the TIP OF BORNEO.
yes. air kelapa ada jual kat sana. sbb confirm akan haus. and I post ni sbb I yg tangkap gambar ni. :P tu jer
so, I was walking around the globe. and I saw people at the rocks near the sea shore, I immediately wanted to go down there. there were no stairs. you cannot actually go down there, but hehe. maybe this is my only chance, SO I GRAB IT.
The globe. A must take picture place, yer kengkawan.
Pasir keras. Punca hakisan air. digunakan sebagai tangga. the actual penghujung is on the top, where u can see people.

the only person yang berani enough utk teman aku turun, is my best buddy. maklumlah dh selalu sgt buat kerja giler sesame. we were like "this is nothing compare to kena kejar dgn pak gurad dkt mall" 
We had our awesome-crazy-wet moment. hehe

just an advice. for readers yang teringin nak buat benda yg sama. take care of your camera, mine, kena air laut, terus jadi lembap sebab air masin masuk dlm lense. -_-. naseb my bro tak marah....................kekeke. sbb dier tak tahu. muahahahaha. tak rosak pon , cuma kena bersihkan cpt pttnyer. *sedapkanhati

so, that marks the end of the first siri. well I went there for 10 days, I could not possibly put everything in one post. 

thus, this post is TO BE CONT.

This is Nik Camelia Al Haded.
over and out. beep
*credit to someone who ask me to post about Sabah. haha. if not, this post will be forever in draft.thanks. nah amek.baca puas2.

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