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Sabah Siri 3-finale

 This is Nik. coming in. over.....................................................beep.

Hi and Assalamualaikum. peeps.

this is one of the post I looked forward having fun writing about. I warn u. this post is going to be lengthy.

after a day in KK with no electricity.
the next morning, we woke up early and head to


1. because they said that the road is as horrible as the road up to Cameron, so I took two "motion sickness" drug when I was suppose to take only one.
Immediately right after we got into the car, I slept.
bukak pintu kereta> duduk> selesakan tempat duduk> tutup pintu> pakai seatbelt> tutup mata> tido> berdengkur> air liur meleleh. ok exaggeration.

2. I LITERALLY, cannot open my eyes.
on our way to Kundasang. we stopped at Rumah Terbalik. I think it costs us RM10 per head.

I did not rotate this. it is really terbalik.

Tuan Rumah

That is me. trying so hard to overcome my sleepiness. like really. I went to toilet twice to wash my face.

everything terbalik
3. As soon as we reached Kundasang, we have our lunch, where I had nescafe but still my dizziness wont go away, I was like sleep-walking&eating.

4. The first place we visited was Tagal. tempat seakan Fish Spa, cuma Fish dier tak secomel fish dkt fish spa KL.
entrance kena bayar jugak. makanan utk ikan pon ada, boleh purchase dkt entrance. nak masuk kena by group, so if you go there, beli utk semua org serentak. different group has different entrance time. 
you can stay up to 20 minutes in there.
5 minit pertama: sesi mencari courage utk mskkan kaki dlm air
5 minit kemudian: sesi tak tahan geli dgn ikan2 yg menjalar dkt kaki
10minit kemudian: sesi beranikan diri utk masukkan tangan pula
5 minit terakhir : sesi nak cuba angkat ikan tu dgn bare hands. sbb dh beranikan

semua aksi diatas adalah aksi kawan2 ku. sbb apa. sbb aku jadi photographer jer. Iolls is penakut with fish. siang ikan pon geli, inikan ikan hidup.

5. After Tagal, we went to Sabah Tea Plantation. for those yang kekurangan masa utk bersiar, I suggest Sabah Tea Plantation ni tak pergi pon takpe. BOH Plantation dkt Cameron is much better.
biasa jer tempat dier

6. Next stop is Kinabalu Park. we paid RM3 per head. 
disinilah Canopy Walk and Poring
kalau nak nasihat saya. masuk jer, terus pergi jalan dkt canopy walk. penatkan kaki.
then otw balik, masuk dlm air panas. sedap giler nak mati.
at the Poring, there are many different section
1st: Normal swimming pool
2nd: Hot water swimming pool
3rd: Tempat rendam kaki dalam air panas.

well. we were lazy enough to change our clothes, so we just went to rendam kaki. and stayed there for half an hour.

I tell u man. honestly. those hot water really work.
on our back to our hotel, segala angin dlm badan aku sume kuar. since, naik keta ramai2, so my only option is to keluarkan by sendawa jer la. hehehehehe. the other option is strictly forbidden. hahahaha. sila faham joke saya.

everyone in one pool.

7. reached our hotel. have some rest.

8. We stayed at Pine sumthing2 Resort. it was cozy and cold. at night Kundasang is as cold as Cameron. maybe lagi sejok.

9.wake up in the morning...... subuh dlm keadaan menggeletar sbb sejok. 
did not continue sleeping, coz at fajr, it is the perfect time, to see Mount Kinabalu.

selfie lagi. and lagi and lagi. berlambak kot gmbar.
salah satu selfie dgn gunung yg cun. the only one I think.
10. after photoshoot with the mountain. we went back to our room. siapkan diri, packed our stuff and check out.
ni pose orang yg dh siap lor.

11. next stop is, Dream World. I love this place. 
we were like on top of the clouds. 
when we arrive we can still see the entire kundasang. but after 30 minutes the entire place is covered with clouds. which make us feel like we were walking on clouds.
Family photo pon amek kat sini. haha.

12. after that, Sabah Dairy Farm. omg, I love this place too. I dont know why, I just had so much fun time.
maybe sbb jakun first time jumpa lembu hitam putih. maybe.
Kambing pon ada
take the chance to kiss a cow

one of may fav group photo
p.s: budak laki yang tetibe muncul ni, saing kami jugak...another borneon. dier join kemudian.

13. then we stopped at Kundasang Memorial Park. we only took picture with the entrance, but did not go inside. malas nak panjat tangga.

14. Kinabalu Park again.
so peeps, these park are at different places, this is for Timpohon Gate and the one we went before is for Mesilau gate.

FYI, if you have been to one of the park, keep the ticket, u can show it at the other park, so that u will need not to pay for the entrance twice, like we did.

15. I freaking been to Timpohon gate. haha. yes. It was one of the things that I want to do. well, initially, I wanted to hike from Mesilau to Timpohon, but we stayed there for 2 days, I was hoping for three, so due to kekangan masa, I only managed to visit Timpohon gate. 

we hike all the way up, with cars. haha. tak adventerous tp takpe. it is enough.

16. since it was january, it was raining and raining and cloudy. This happen. 

from daily news nyer website

so just imagine, how cold it was when we there. we were at the entrance gate only, tapi bercakap pon dh asap kepol2 kuar dri mulut.
which is one of the thing we enjoyed..............jakun. 

17. went back to KK. it was so sad. I really enjoyed my stay in Kundasang.

18. We stayed at KK. plan our island trip again. but tak jadi due to some reason.
and I think because I got soaked wet at Timpohon gate. I had  a quick fever. tiba2 badan panas semacam. 
nasib tak terok. mak bapak kat semenanjung. rasa mcm nk nangis jer waktu tu :(

19. on our 9th day, we spent the entire day at KK. shopping segala benda yg nak bawak balik.
lunch sekali lagi dkt Restaurant Dapur. but this time, lunch ini dinamakan, lunch bersama celebrity.
sbb kebetulan, my classmate, the borneon guy, brought 2 of his Sabah friends that looks like Arja Lee and Black. hahaha. funny.

20. went back to Kota Klias at night, packed our stuff and the things that we got from family tuan rumah.

21. On the 10th day, we woke up early and depart to KK at 5am.
we had two different flight time. I was on the second one. sbb beli tiket lambat. haha.
so sementara tunggu masa nak depart. jalan2 dlm airport KK, spent RM300 on frozen udang harimau.
I think it is better for you guys to buy frozen seafood at the airport than the one next to the pasar basah in KK.

buddies bawak bekal balik utk family

so thats it. 
this mark the end of Sabah post.
Cheers to awesome Sabah. Teh madras ni become my fav drinks in Sabah
I had lots of fun

This is Nik Camelia Al Haded. over and out.

p.s: it took me more than 5 hours to make this post. excuse me, if there's any fragment, misused grammar or whatever. haha. baca, n paham jer la sendiri. 

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