Thursday, April 16, 2015

Puncak Rimba 2.0

This is Nik. comin in. over. beep...

year 2015 are here Im back again in Puncak Rimba, with my fellow OTHER friends.
last 2 years I went here with my classmate. well this year, I went with 3 different categories of friends.
My classmate, my squash-mates and my volley-mates. yes, they dont know each other. but they survived. haha

We were there on the 10th of April and stayed over for one night.

The short weekend getaway begins with NOT SO PUNCTUAL people . hahaha

ok, supposely the first batch depart at 3.30pm but the ayam yang nak dibarbeque belum hbs di perap.
so, postpone to 4pm, then I decided to solat asar then only baru gerak since well, asar was 20min past 4pm. tggu jer la kan.

Intan, Merul and Jiha was my squashmate who were suppose to convoi together but decided to gerak first and meet up genting sempah. weolls seperated jugak along the way but kumpul balik and convoi sama2.

so the first batch arrive at almost maghrib.
nampak tk senja nyer disitu. we arrive at this gate and the others were like. 
"Eish, betul ke ni Nik"

I was like that too when I went there for the first time. duh. dh mcm ala2 nak msk umah hantu kot. dgn sign NO ENTRY bagai.

so, bla bla bla. the 2nd trip suppose to arrive after 8pm, but they arrive a bit late coz, nak carik entrance ke tempat ni pada waktu malam di kawasan hutan yang gelap agak mencabar bagaikan mencari the room of requirement in hogwards when you dont need anything from it (harry potter freak alert)
ok abaikan.

Since the road to Puncak Rimba can be scary and confusing, I was pretty  very worried if the 2nd trip are able to find it. Alhamdullilah they did. 20 000 years later. ok tk. 

so they arrived. and everyone who were suppose to be there as planned are there, jadi DINNER pon bermula. 
we ate our dinner. berborak. 
makan. tambah. berborak lagi.
the bbq night

then utk mengisi masa lapang yg agak byk tu. everyone decide to lepak at the swimming pool. 
maen air, berborak, tangkap gmbar, buat bday prank, maen air lg and bla bla bla smpai dua pagi.
the gegerl sume duduk tepi.

buat lompat2 byk kali smpai puas....jap diaorg tk puas pon. tk pernah puas.

1 am swimming.

after 2am, me and my volleymates lepaks at bawah rumah penang until 4am. 

tempat lepaksss. this is bawah rumah penang.

dgn cuaca malam tu yang angin sejok sepoi2. 3 in 1 milo was our champagne. hahaha

for the first time, me and volleymates talked about each and everyone punya love life. which made us closer towards each other. yelah, seblm ni jumpa ptg2, sembang volley and coc jer. blergh.

so after 4am everyone decide to go to sleep.
dgn tempat tido yang selesa, bantal selesa, selimut selesa, tilam pon selesa dan juga cuaca yg sejok.
sume tido nyenyak se nyenyak nyenyak nyer. *sarcasm

so thats for our first day. the fun begin the next day, bila hari dh terang, sume baru nmpak mcm mana tempat tu punya rupa. and the first session of the day was photography session. 

the family photo.
the cepaatla photographer amek gmbar. kitaorg dh tak tahan panas dh ni.

the do whatever you can do with the props

the fefeeling honeymoon 

the.............. no komen

 All the above picture are the pictures at Rumah air terjun.

Why we call it rumah air terjun, coz, the air terjun is just right next to the room, like literally.
the air terjun is just right next to the glass door.
here's the close up looks like. 

the bed

and the kitchen. the toilet pon awesome. haha.

the guy is not for sale. (iklan)
the toilet.

then. gambar bawah ni pula dkt rumah air terjun yg jauh sikit dari air terjun. hahaha

picture kiri: percaya atau tidak, ak baru tau function benda yang ak pegang tu. utk basuh kaki rupenyer. aherherheher. 
Picture kanan: Puncak Rimba next top model. ok tak. lame Nik lame.

picture kiri: Azim fefeling stairway to heaven.
Picture kanan: "evelibadi, look up!" pandai sume dgr ckp.

the RUMAH AIR TERJUN. the one yg atas sekali is the first one and rumah bawah tu is the second one.

 left: the second house
 right: the first house

the RUMAH PENANG aka rumah yg mmg betul-betul dri Penang. 
(umur rumah tersebut sudah lebih 100 years old)

Rumah Penang is also the place where the boys sleep.
the tido nyenyak se nyenyaknyer. -_-

selps rmai org buat bising, bangun bangun bangun. barula sume bangkit dan mulakan hari dgn solat subuh. Alhamdullilah.  -_-

the only picture in Rumah Penang. sigh. the interior is so pwetty that Intan and Merul buat scene drama nak masuk meminang segala. hehehe.

The field at 7.30 am 

the posing dgn arnab itu perlu.

the......... my course juniorsss. syahmi takder, takpe. 
the same place as the above pic but different people. rmai sgt posing kt pintu ni. -_-
the girl pon posing

but theirs. its more to "what to do with this door?".

the pre-gay-wedding  photoshooot. ok tak. this is one of the best pictures taken. 
the drama at the buaian

the photo-bombing. hahaha

the budak mechy. the classmate. the entertainment. the singer. the injured. the cook. and the fake cook(muiz) :P
the iklan, sbb die nk gmbar die ada dlm post ni. 

then the mandi session begin. 
despite the volley-mates played in the swimming pool till late night yesterday they still went to the swimming pool, again. coz posing itu perlu. and gamba waktu mandi mlm takder so siang kena ada banyak.

my gurlfrens pula hit the river first. kena vice versa gitu.
by the time the third batch of people smpai. the gurls dh hbs mandi sungai continue dgn swimming pool. which means the third batch hits the river first. fuh. mcm ada jadual mandi plak.

bdk2 volley je yg pergi swimming kt swimming pool dulu then beredar selepas segerombolan manusia dtg. 

the "mcm mana ada tiba-tiba ada budak kecik" hehe. coz, my cousin pon join jugak.


the boys did what the boys do best. #eh

iolls pula join the volley-mates at the sungai. 
the bajet comel.

the lets get over excited pic

the birthday song. the splash. 

the must have group photo

the msk dlm gmbr cpt pose.
*perhatikan ray

the pose plg swag diaorg blh buat. -_- sume first time buat. hahaha. 

the pembulian bsr besaran.

the jom makan sbb kebulur with someone tersadai at the side. hahahaha.

selepas sume selesai mandi, 
everyone get ready for lunch. well, the gurls get the food ready lah, while the guys get their perut ready jer. blergh.
well not everyone.
the cook yang pretend to cook only when camera is there..
ok bukan Intan, yg si jejaka baju hitam itu.  amek Intan utk last slot sbb gmbar Muiz hambar. 

the one yang masuk kitchen dgn niat suci. eceh. foyos. he's more to the one yang berjaya tak hanguskan makanan. 

so lps dh siap, everyone makan lunch dgn aman. 

and as soon as lunch is over, weolls kemas cpt2 so tht we can go back early.

the volleymates made a round table involuntarily and memberi ucapan sepatah dua kata. hahaha. I was so touched. haha

and I wrap it up with an amazing photoshoot with my fellow volleymates. it is so sad, i cant do the same with the others. they pack up and went back to their cars so early. hmmm

here it is.

the awesome jumping photo.

and the second family photo.

so, I would like to give a shout out ,

girls thank you for your effort in the kitchen.
my mama remember each and everyone of you. esp Jasmin and Michelle. asyik ckp pasal mereka berdua ni jer. PERFORM KAT KITCHEN. woot2.

also thanks to my dear squashmates. which I was hoping to have more. haha.
thank you kakak Intan yang perform jugak dkt kitchen
thank you Jiha sbb sudi dtg walaupun terpaksa cancel kursus ehem2.
thank you merul sbb ada. kalau tkder, kuli nak bakar ayam and ikan pon takderla
and finally, thanks M sudi teman merul and memeriahkan lg suasana dgn ada double perangai Merul. hahahaha

thank you also to the K10 riders sbb sudi dtg. hope u guys had a great time. esp the first timers.

and finally thanks to my fellow volleymates.

who just cant stop from being more awesome than they already are. 

so dgn ini, saya ingin memohon utk menghalalkan segala makan dan minum.
Maafkan lah kekurang dlm bab makanan hritu. maap tk cukup. maaf tak semua dpt rasa semua.
maklumla amatur yg handle.

mohon halalkan. 

and I hope u guys had a blast and wonderful time coz it was my bday celebration sebernanyer. hehehe. so yeah. 

I love you mama papa. thank you.

This is Nik Camelia Al Haded. 22 years old surrounded by awesome people.
over and out.

p.s:thanks awak yg cover utk kita. ;)................................................konon.

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