Thursday, April 16, 2015

22 its alright

This is Nik. comin in . over.......beep.

so Imma 22 years old girl now(bg gmbar pkai cermin mata, indication dh tua, kekeke)


urm. ok. hambar. tatau nak ckp apa.

well as usual people wish me bdays.

but yg lainnyer kali ni. haha
Iolls byk tk expect sgt benda ni.

usually my birthdays will be on the midsem somehow this semester mid-sem break tunda plak satu minggu. so dptla merasa kengkwn nyanyi lagu bday. hahaha

and takut2 org akn muncul arah mana and baling tepung and telur. haha. fobia lps kena kt matrik dulu.


how is it feel like to be 22 years old? younger than ever.
rasa lg tua ader la bila org duk ckp psl umo tambah2 lg org dok ckp tu adalah org lg muda. -_- blergh.
somehow, i befriends with many younger people so thats why I dun feel younger than ever. hahaah

but I did have a great one . although I did not celebrate it because of my commitment towards my project, I enjoyed being the bday girl for that day and that week.

I got the chance to hang out with my volley buddies.
went to ikea for ribs but dpt kambing. layan

 maen laser tag. JADI WINNER.  Imma Alpha lady. 

the blue team, the winning team. the team with 3 people against 4 people.

projectile motion

ini terjadi pada hari khamis , 9th of April.
on the 10th we went for puncak rimba 2.0.

Alhamdullilah I had a great week.
so looking forword to learn more about being a lady.
a muslim
a daughter
a sister
and a friend.

This is Nik Camelia Al Haded. had a great week.
over and out.
p.s: been jamming Taylor Swift 's 22 songs for awhile now. bru dpt feel.

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