Friday, March 20, 2015

to be grateful to have a complete family.

This is Nik, comin in....



So the other day, my dad asked me to help him to make our family tree coz he wants to bring it to a family gathering in Kota Bharu. Why? because he went to a majlis sapa tah, and some of our sedare tak kenal die and he obviously tidak boleh terima kenyataan, ada org tk knl die so I helped him.

I want to make it quickly and want to settle everything as soon as possible.
but the process of making was actually more hmmmm let just say emotional than I thought it would be.

because after almost 22 years of living, making that family tree made me realize, how much my family has grew.
from org melaka who celebrate birthday each other at pizza hut every year to a much more grand restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

from a family of six, to a family of 9 ( sil and 2 nephews)

from hingusan to neat ( me)

from shy to independant ( sister)

and many more.

indeed Allah made this life so we can define how we want to live it.
and Im grateful to STILL HAVING my parents, sibling and able to welcome my sil and  also two little creatures (nephews), into our small family that just add up more amazing flavors to taste.hehehe.

it was simple one. but has a lot of meaning.
a family is indeed antara harta yang paling bernilai. esp THE PARENTS!

this is Nik Camelia, over and out.

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