Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bumi Europe'14 (London part 6)

This is Nik. comin in over. beeepppp



about Bicester Village.
they have branded stores but the price of their stuff is a lot cheaper than their retailed price.
So if you guys want some branded stuff at a cheaper price, you can go ahead and shop like crazy here. 
They will show you the price difference from the one they are offering and the retailed price.
but you should know that all the stuff there are from past seasons collection. so there's no NEW ARRIVAL there. only past season.

as for Pandora. I dont think they have any different but they do have special offer though. 
we bought the special offer thingy. haha.
the thing about shopping at Pandora is that, you cannot go inside and see what they have coz there's a lot of people queuing buying their stuff, so if you queue it means serious business, you will end up buying the stuff, tak boleh baratur utk tgk jer.

just a friendly advice. I DONT THINK PANDORA IS WORTH BUYING so dont buy it. buy gold instead. and the gold that pandora have can go up to rm30 000 to rm 50 000 but it is still not SOLID GOLD. 
p.s: if nak trade gold for money at Bank Rakyat, they dont accept gold that is not solid so rugi giler kot kalau beli pandora ni. 

other than that, you can go ahead dine in at a thailand restaurant there. asked for vegetarian food. we ate it. trust me. it is so delicious. it was the best thing that I ate throughout the holidays .
rasa mcm nak nanges dpt makanan tuh. rindu sgt dgn makanan Malaysia.

only focus on my food. ignoring the surrounding.

for the stuff there. I think men will enjoy more. since the clothing line are tip top best and cantek2.
The ladies clothing also nice but it doesn't suit me as a Muslim and as someone who lived in Malaysia. if you know what I mean. hmm.

my dad was like a shopaholic there. almost at every branded stores that offer comfortable, smart and neat shirt, he asked for his size and immediately pay for. simple yet he did many times coz it was that easy and affordable.

we did a lot of shopping on handbags and shoes. haha
that's practically everything. 

and only at Bicester Village, we manage to get a little heat from the sun. haha. it was still cold though. London mendung jer memanjang. huhu. 

since I have a friend waiting in London, we went straight to London, didnt get the chance to stop at Cambridge we also had to said no to an invitation from our cousin living in Kent. huhu

had our dinner and visited the London Bridge. 
tengok dari distance ni jer. ...
well, if we had more days and time, surely I want to go and naik tower tu. tapi tu la. exam!!!! terpaksa balik.

the next days. 
was pretty simple. since masing2 ada agenda masing2 we seperated and finish our agenda. 
macam my dad wants to go to the bank. my sis wants to buy some stuff for her friend, while me and my other sister went to Kings' Cross, to platform 9 3/4. hehehe

we took a taxi to the airport. didnt even realize that we were in heavy traffic coz everyone was sleeping.
sedar2 dah smpai airport.

a word of advice. If you guys want to tebus pengecualian cukai at the airport. please arrive 4 hours earlier. like seriously.
Malaysia airlines punya terminal, adalah di terminal keEMPAT  LHR. mu pahe dok brapa rmai manusia yg ada kat airport tu.

a word of advice. bersedia utk beli beg baru di sana. coz, two of our bags rosak sbb dh tak boleh nak tampung dh barang dlm tu. haha.

just make sure bawa beg yg tk perlu sgt utk diwrap, coz kat Malaysia rm10. blh tolerate lg. ni dkt london 10 pound. hmm. mmg idok lerrrr.

phew, nak hbskan cerita trip ni sama penat dgn jenjalan kat sana. haha

over and out. 

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