Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bumi Europe '14 (London part 5- a friend)

This is Nik. comin in over. beeepppp



so I will wrap up my vacation stoghie with the things that we did on the last 2 days.

right after harry potter studio visit. we went back home. it was a long day. so stayed at home tht night and discuss what we are going to do the next day
the initial plan was to go shopping at oxford street since we didnt manage to go to all shops on the first day but we also planned to go to Bicester village, shop there.

somehow I thought with the not so proper planning, we will end up spending the day at london so I asked my friend to join us.
He is a medical student studying at Cardiff.
he took tengah malam punya train and arrived at London at 7.30 am in the morning. from what I understand he will depart at 7.30am. haha

I woke up at 8 am. get myself ready. then tiba2, at 9am my family decided to to Bicester village.
I didnt say anything coz I didnt know what was there, and where it was.
So I told my friend and he was "FINE" with it. "Its ok. go ahead" 
so dgn berat hati. I went and leave my friend who came all the way from Cardiff (it took him 3 hours journey) in London all by himself.

Im the most evil and the worst person that day.

When I was walking around in Bicester Village. shopping and window shopping.

memang hati tak tenteram. I was texting him almost all the time. said sorry and felt guilty ALL THE TIME.
we end our shopping spree around 6 pm. and arrived at London at 7pm.

finally. met him at London bridge. we had our dinner together.
i think it was a Turkish restaurant.nearby London bridge.the kambing sedap bak hang.

hahaha. the initial plan that I had  was to walk around London. have some hot coffee together. lepak at the park. borak2. end up makan dinner jer. blergh.

that dude next to me is my friend who waited for me for 12 hours. kejam kan.
harap maaf, for those who wondering, he's taken. hahaha. 
I knew him from high school squash's competition and he has some history going on with my best friend, so that is how we know each other. we were only friends on social media, never met and lepaks sesame in Malaysia. since he is extremely friendly and jenis yg melayan, our meet up in London was actually our very first hang out. hahaha. weird much?

THANKS IZZAT RAHIM FOR WAITING. hahaha. next time I'll make sure I go and visit you in Cardiff. 

so yes. that is one of the story on my last 2 days in London.

cont next post.
This is Nik Camelia Al Haded looking foward utk tebus segala kesalahan haha.
over and out.

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