Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bumi Europe '14 (London part 4: Harry Potter)

This is Nik, coming in over. beepppppppppp~~~~


yes. Im going to talk about the most thrilling moments of our vacation .


so after the 3 hours free tour in London, we took the train straight to Watford Junction
jumped out of the train. saw this and dah excited giler nak mampos. hahaha.

the fun part start at the train station lagi. 
we took the harry potter bus.
yes that bus. that awesome looking bus.

so shall we less mumbling and jibberish-ing .
let me feast you with more photos.
masuk entrance, they entertain us with a movie, so the first section was a placed like cinema. then when the movie ended, the screen rose and there's hogwards door behind it. 
semua mcm ternganga. well , aku ternganga lah. haha.
then the workers call out the kids yang sambut bday haritu. diaorg je yg dpt tolak pintu tu.
TAK GUNA. ak pon nak. hmmm. :(

so the Hogwards dining hall was after the Hogwards door. 

selepas tu. macam2 lagi lah. hehe
hogwards gate

the gryffindor's boy dormitory

one of the best moment. like seriously.

the dumbledore's office stairs. you know. 

drunk. haha. butter beer is non-alcohol drink. so it is safe to drink.
it is yummy. its like version root beer yg ada creamy milky taste. thats all.

ada Daigon Alley.

sumpah patung belakang tu semenanyer comel. tp dlm gmbar nmpak lain macam pulak

we did this. like literally. segan bak hang. 

so here's the end product..hahaha.

singgah rumah harry

fefeeling dlm movie.


fefeeling nak cari wand yg sesuai. -_-

well. actually guys. I did videos on my tour to london paris and a special seperated video for harry potter warner bros visit. 
so click the above video to check it out.

that is for whatever inside the studio. at the exit , they immediately connect it with the stores. 
we went crazily shopping, grabbing everything that we wanted from all the haul's video we watched. but we took more though. since we cannot be selfish and need to buy for others too. 
this is the only photo I have in the store. obviously we were busy looking for stuff.

so below are the things that we bought.

Harry Potter and Dumbledore's wand

some-sort board game, but since its a map. so its map-game

those magazines come with the entrance fee. 
there are many entrance fee. we paid for the one that comes with a device where it contains more information about all the stuff in the studio. and also those magazines. 

yup thats it yall. 
 this was not at the studio. me and my sis went to King's Cross on our last day.
it was at the train station itself so, it was nice that it is just nearby. haha. coz, iolss tk larat dh nak jalan.

since I queued for quit awhile thus explain my not so energetic pose. 
my eldest sis have the most nice photo coz she look so hyped with the jumping pose. 
I only did that. smile. and blah. hahaha. 

ok peeps. THE END.
this is Nik Camelia Al Haded fought death eater.
over and out. Assalamualaikum.  

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