Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bumi Europe '14 (London Part 3)

This is Nik. coming in over.

so sambung lah kita

last stop. chinese food tak sedap.

we were welcomed to london with heavy rain, we end up go back home and rest.

second day in London.
well of course. London Tour!!!!
it was A FREE TOUR.
3 hours non-stop tour. we walked for 3 hours.
since it was a very fun tour with very energetic tour guide, we didnt even realize that we've been touring for 3 hours straight.
when I said 3 hours. I mean it. they really wrap it up at the last stop 3 hours later. hehehe. amazeballs.

the tour starts at Convent garden.
we took the Sandemans Tour.
there were a lot of free tours provided. I dont know why my sister chose this one. i just went with the flow. kekeke.
let me share some funny moment at the beginning of our tour.
our tour guide was a lady with a very loud voice. she was theater student. she also wondered why she end up there. haha.

she said that before the tour starts, she want to take a group photo but dont want any normal, smiling, peace photo. so she asked us to act as if GODZILLA was right infront of us.
somehow there were a construction nearby and a builder heard was she said and start making godzilla sound.
ouh gosh. i hope you guys get what Im trying to say.
senang citer. that builder man was up there. he made the godzilla sound. macam arrghhhhhhhh gituh, then all of us ( about 20 people) looked at him and scream, ahhhhhh. 
thus, our first group photo.

you can go ahead and click the link below to learn more about the free tour.

well, what Im looking up to next is to go for their harry potter tour. haha. other than the free tour, they also have other kinds of tours, but it aint cheap yall. -_-

harry potter tour is where, they will bring you to the places that was inspired for the movie or even the actual venue they used in the movie. how awesome is that. haha.

beginning of the tour

trafalgar square

nak masuk buckingham palace
trust me. there's a very interesting story about the wall behind us. 

along the way to the Buckingham Palace. 
there's a lot of statue of people whom I dont remember and did not pay attention to the guide so PASS!
tengok marching askar palace. 
normal stuff first timer datang london buat 

then we got even lucky. 
ada special ceremony that day.
ceremony tukar bendera.

so kami duduk la tepi2 jalan tgk marching askar2 britain.

the red road

percayala ckp aku. muka aku dh sejok ketung. ckp asap kepul2 kuar. 
tour guide tu blh rilek je pkai shorts. -_-

lepas dari buckingham palace ni, aku memang dh tak dengar dah apa yg tour guide tu ckp. penat yer, sebok bergambar pon yer.  lgpun sebab nak hujung2, tour guide tu dok ajak kitaorg join die pergi pub minum beer lepas hbs tour. -_-.
die tk pernah jumpa muslim kot. 

first time jumpa big ben. 
then dpt tau nama betul tower tu bkn Big Ben pon sebenarnyer

so here. the tour end.
the tour guide wrap up the story that she started at the beginning of the tour, with what actually happen to the people who were against the government back in the old days. 
I dont want to go toooo details. haha.

so while waiting for them to discuss about the next place we are going. I just kenot tahan the sejok. duduk diam2 tepi with the view of

thats all for our 2nd day but it was only half of it. 
the other half will be on the next post. and it will be awesome.
hint: box office movie.

this is Nik Camelia Al Haded. 
over and out.

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