Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bumi Europe '14 (London part 2)

This is Nik, comin in over. beep.

lets continue shall we.

we arrive and we went straightaway to our house.
ceh. rumah sewa la.

we waited for almost an hour, I think, coz we arrived early and the office have not yet open.
thankfully, there was GAP right across the street. so we spend time there.

after we finally get the key to our house. some of us went to the house by car because we have a lot of stuff, while my dad,sis and I chose to walk. I LOVE TO dad wants to take the cab but I insist him to walk too. haha. 
coz, I nak feeling2 org london gituh.

The house was just nearby though.

We packed all of our begs into the house. The house was at the second floor with very narrow staircase. blergh.
tuh. hok atas sekali, tingkap paling kecik tuh.

We went out to Oxford Street right after that.
We were supposed to go somewhere else but it was raining so we decide to just stay inside building and shop there. We tried to go to other shops, but the rain causes inconvenience. After a few hours, we decide to go back home and really get some rest.

I was freaking wet. naseb ada waterproof jacket

but along the way back, we found a halal chinese food restaurant, and the foods look so gooood. I immediately went inside and sat down, ready to eat.

Everyone get their box of food it was 5 pound each and it contains alot of food anddddddd

I cant swallowed it after a few bites coz everything taste so sweet. only sweet. -_-
we ate as much as we can, packed it up and bring back home. My sis used it as breakfast the next day but did a little modification. MELAYU-KAN rasanyer. haha. tambah kicap and sos cili. 

ok sampai sini.
This is Nik Camelia Al Haded. over and out

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