Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bumi Europe '14 (London-part 1)

This is Nik, coming in. over. beeeeeeeeeeeeepppp~~~

So my 1 month holiday starts and I am planning to post all the things that I have been holding back for so long in this free time that I have.

I've wrote about Paris, there was two parts of it.
click here to read about it.

Bumi europe. (France parte 1)

Bumi Europe (France parte 2)

coz, I arrive there first then I went to London by EuroStar through the euro tunnel. haha

lets talk about the euro star shall we.
we paid .RM1000++ per head/per seat.
damn expensive
If you guys plan to do the same as we did, I advice you to look for the price of flight ticket instead and compare.
The funny part is when, 4 for us DONT ACTUALLY HAVE A PROPER SEAT.
the things that happen is that the PROPER seats are already full, but they have extra seats. these extra seats are the foldable seats at the entrance door of the train.LIKE LITERALLY BESIDES THE DOOR.
we arrive early but since our seats are at the DOOR, we need to wait for the door to close then only we can seat on it, if not we will be blocking people going inside.
and the more funny thing is that, the extra seats are at the same price with the proper seats. -_-

we were not in a very good mood, but in this train good things starts to happen. Alhamdullilah
Somehow there were vacant seats at the proper seats. so all of us manage to get some good rest on a very nice seats. haha
I enjoyed the scenery before we entered the undersea tunnel. I was actually excited to see the wind energy fan kind of thing since I did a lot of reading on it but there's none in Malaysia thus the picture. haha.

so bla bla bla. we slept in the train. doesn't even notice when we entered the sea. haha. all I know is that when I woke up, we already arrive. 
As soon as I get out from the train.

I TELL YOU MAN. it feels like.

"I'M HOME!!!!'

haha. seriously. I mean even when Im writing this, I feel the feeling and emotion that I felt when I arrive in London. gosh.
London is AMAZEBALLS and Im going to talk about it in next post. 
our very first breakfast in London. I became a veggie lover there. Im eating caesar salad coz it looks so good there. haha.

and I dont know why, we even enjoyed taking the black cab. like seriously we enjoyed taking the taxi. even though the driver was not that friendly and drives like a madman. haha.

and thats all for now, earthlings. will continue in the next post. 

This is Nik Camelia Al Haded, over and out. 

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