Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bumi europe. (France parte 1)

This is Nik , coming in......... over.

I went to France and England. this is my Les Jouir

I never thought in my entire life I will step foot at London and Paris.
I did ask my dad for a present, to go to London when I was 12 years old. I know by that time, it was something that I will not do for the rest of my life.

Then suddenly, my eldest sister who is studying orthodontics in UM, have to go to UK for some research and visit the clinic there. meeting dentist and specialist. and all the medical stuff.

She was excited, well who would have not. everything from accommodation and foods are sponsored.
When it is almost a few days left before she depart to London, my dad ask for her schedule.
when she will finish her assgnment, date, time and etc.

I know that my dad wants to join her .
and I know that if I said I want to follow, I will end up getting lots of souvenirs and NOT ACTUALLY BE THERE PHYSICALLY.

but this time it was for real.
because when my sis arrived, my parents talk to her through skype almost everyday.
kemon la. parents mana tak risau anak dara first time merantau beribu-ribu km jauh dri parents.

and my sis kept on begging my dad to come with the entire family.

before he could answer or talk about it. the first thing that he did was to check his accounts.
Im going to be sincere in everything I said, I dont like hypocrites and I dont plan TO BE ONE.

We are actually NOT at the state where money is over flowing and we dont know what to use it for but we had ENOUGH.
then, my dad checked the flight ticket, and it is still at reasonable price.

so on the 6th of April , my birthday. my dad bought the tickets.
when it is confirm, my sis start to plan very2 wisely, every single things that we want to do.

ouh yeah. I went during my week 14, which mean I still have classes but thankfully I already ask my lecturer's permission to miss the class for the entire week. they were supporting and even encourage me to have fun and forget about learning. hahaha.

one of them was like
" pergila, have fun. Rugi kalau awak tk pergi, bkn senang nk gi overseas ni"
identiti lecturer saya rahsiakan.


I went to Paris first. and I know that it is transition season from spring to summer, so I actually expected the weather not to be so cold.
but as soon as I get out of the airport Charles de was COLD, but I blend in.
" Ala macam cameron jer ni" and when I'm actually outside, "OK SEJOK!"

when I got inside the taxi. they did not have any aircond so I ask to open the window, but the driver look at me weirdly, and give me an expression like
"dude do you want to die getting frostbites"

and I was like. " okeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. not normal." *expression tau, we dont actually said it.

that is the first, expectation of the weather.

second, our house.
I brought a backpack.the hiking backpack. (credit to Nur Fakhira Ali) coz my sis said there will be no lift at our apartment and the house is on the 4th floor.
thankfully when we arrive, THERE'S AN ELEVATOR.
but it was scary.



during our stay , the probability that my dad chose to use the elevator instead of the stairs is 3/10.
so , I have the claustrophobia gene from him. its just that, Im so lazy. that I choose to take the lift instead.

The house was thankfully clean, and usable for muslim.
means, the floor is not dirty, we can pray on it. coz the owner do not allow any shoes wore inside.
they have, washing machine with detergents.
dish washer
separate toilets and shower.
dining area
living area
The 2nd room. The sisters room.
Our parents room.

The COMPLETE kitchen. complete = ada dishwasher
hehe. the shower. comes with two sinks, a cabinet, shower and tub.

Alhamdullilah, it was cozy. the heater function really well.
but the television channel, all were in french.
the internet sucks.
the door is tooooo classic and old. everytime we want to leave, we need to stand at least for 5 minutes the longest, coz my dad and sis will struggle to open it.
The one circle in red is the entrance to our apartment.

The apartment hok atas sekali. on the left is ours. 
I like opening the windows. but the place was quite busy so its kinda noisy. 

that's it for the house.

for visiting Paris, the city of lights, the most romantic city.
I would say, it was not that fun . at all.....

Paris was messy and dirty and makes me feel uneasy and insecure.
the inter bla bla bla. subway ke. underground ke mende tah.

It is not that fun to have your own tour.
means, walk randomly in the city. it is better to take tour bus, the double decker bus. it is safer and much more entertaining.
and more relaxing.
there will not be people coming to your face offering things. almost like forcing you to look at them and buy it.
I never expected that to happen in one of the world most visited city.

I love the architecture of the building , it is amazing but deep down, Im more to GREEN and nature person. so it is not overwhelming enough for me. but dont get me wrong, I did have fun. ON THE BUS.

pakai tangkap je gambar. tak tau mende pon kat sekeliling.

ok jap. brain storming. hmmmmmmmmm. ok tak igt apa benda tu. tp aderla citer die.

Peace. for those who wonder why I wear shades. It may not look so bright but it actually was. and I have bad astigmatism too. thus, the shades. its my moms.
and Im the only one who cant stands the cold. asal2 aku la yang paling yakin Paris tak sejuk. hmmm. tu la. ego lagi.

when, Im away from the hectic place, it is actually better and more peaceful.
we manage to find a halal restaurant, and got the chance to pray at their place too. Im so sorry I dont know the name of the restaurant but.

If I search for it using google map, the blue shop suppose to be the restaurant. So it is still new,it is not in google map yet.

can you see the souvenirs shop there. If you guys want to buy anything, buy it there. Not because of the price though. Because the shop owner can speaks malay. well he do not actually speak BAHASA, he knows Indonesian-malay.

I stayed at Paris for 2 nights.
the first night was tiring coz as soon as we arrived we start walking and touring. so we plan to see the Eiffel tower at night on the second night.

The second day in Paris is way much better, because we were less tired.
come on, it was 13 hours flight. what do you expect.
the second day was more relaxing. we were kinda strolling around the city.
got the chance to look at the gate of Roland Garros. didnt know what is the place before until my sis brought me here. 

Went inside Louis Vuitton and didn't know what to do. The price scares me. 

The very first shots using monopod (credit to Aja Airdzaman)
So now its cruising time. Its not my tired face. its my face yg dh tak tahan sejuk. senja je kot ni.

and few hours later, when its dark. this is how I enjoy the ride. 

thats all for the CITY OF LIGHTS. i think. there's more. parte 2 then. ;)
this is Nik Camelia Al Haded.
over and out

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