Thursday, October 16, 2014

Life update to the unknown world

Assalamualaikum readers.

It has been awhile. My last post was about my 21st birthday which was not a super duper birthday but it was OKAY.

So after my birthday, I was way too busy with many things. I had to handle 3 programs which none of it actually happen due to many problems. I learnt my lesson, like a lot so moving on to the next project.

I did my best keeping one of the best time of my life experience before it happen from my friends because I can be really annoying when I start talking about something. So people hate me enough, I dont need more hatred. I have my humble reason for doing that but it didnt look really humble because when the others are busy packing and concluding the lectures on the very last week of lecture, I was in UNITED KINGDOM.

So the story of me crossing seas and countries will be next.

Look, it may sound so common but I still feel like I'm freshman.
When some random girls from my college asked me what year am I. the first thing that came into my mind was, first year. but I did not say it. duh.

Right now, Im currently busy with an international level kind of thing.
So, I dont have much to spent on blogging. I dont even have time to pamper my skin every night like I used too because I'm too busy to coped up with everything.
It has been very hard for me but thankfully Im not a professional in this "busy-like-politician" thing so Im in the phase of learning.
I do crazy mistake.
I hate myself.
I feel like giving up so many times, but then,
How can I be some one who can change the world when I dont want to change myself to be better.

it is hard.

so hard.

but my parents are proud that Im going to represent my university and also Malaysia, despite I told them not to tell the world about it, they struggling not to disobey me. they respect me the needs for me to lay-low.

so Im doing this for Allah and for the sake to make my parents proud.
some jerks are going to say what I stated above will be very POYO,well if u said it, than u are a jerk to me. 

Im going to change.

I will be a different person after I finish this project or maybe after I finish my degree but

along the way I can see people abandoning me for being different and such, so

it is not just "a turning leaf" it is a lot way more than that.

Im being very subjective here.
I will share details later.

This is Nik Camelia Al Haded
over and out.


  1. Interesting story Camelia.. Will be stalking you my dear senior~~

  2. I see u jumping at that road at that time...its really u..hahaha..