Friday, October 17, 2014

to fall again.

This is Nik, coming in . over.


I dont envy those who are falling in love. IN LOVE, because I know the feeling is so amazing.

at some point, I want to have it.

but most of the time, I was like.

thank God, Im not. if I were, God knows what happen to me.

I must say, falling for someone is indeed the most irritating feeling I ever had.

the heartbeats.
the over-thinking
the sudden smiling.

well for this. I blame the person whom I fall for. haha.
I feel like squeezing his face with both of my palms.

I hate him. but Im smiling.

This is Nik Camelia Al Haded, head over heels. haha.

p.s: he is so cute, and I expected this, so I tried to find something to hate him, but I just cant!. ship!.
the worse part is when he's very good at using those nice flirty words. ahh fish!

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  1. siapakah jejaka yg tlah bjaya mencuit hati mu ini ? plis give me a call bro ! plishhhh3