Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bumi Europe '14 (France parte 2)

This is Nik, coming in over.

lets proceed to the story sharing shall we

so I basically already wrote every thing in my first part of the story.

In this post, I will write more on the shopping site. I promise you it will not be boring.

first and foremost,

the branded stuff made in France such as Louis Vuitton are worth buying there because most of their things are almost 40% off the Malaysia's retail price.

Well, it depends on how YOU DEFINE something that is worth buying.
The shades that Im wearing was at 800euro.
multiply by 4.8 my dear.

Then, for all the other stores I stopped by.
we tried the popular macaroons. errr, Im not pastry-desserts-sweet food lover, so I didnt enjoy eating it. but I enjoy buying it. WEIRD!

and the salesgirl offered each of us, free chocolate, it was OKAY. 

GOING to these kind of stores, we looked for things that have indication that it is from the place we bought it. here, we didnt buy anything.

Somehow we didnt actually spend a lot in Paris.
The disney stores ran out of the things that we want the most, QUEEN ELSA!!!!
and then,
I listed the things I want to look for.
and I didnt buy anything too. coz the price different for the mask I wanted was only rm2. or around tht. tak banyak laaa.
but the Sephora was pretty BIG.and ramai. girls and guys. hmmmm
Well, there's this place called La Fayette.

mcm Pavillion.
The things in there are branded and pretty. Normal commoners like us, will not have fun shopping here. but they say that if you spend a lot here, you can get lots of tax exemption. -_-
Am not sure.
tp bg rich people yg kedekut, enjoy la kot.

Most of our second day in Paris we spent at Champs de-Elysees, nearby Arc de Triomphe.
its a really nice place to stroll around. and bla bla bla

ouh yer abou the Arc De Triomphe. 

rupanyer begini

but when we there. part of it was under construction. 
and there was a marching kind of a tribute to respect the veteran and heroes of war (some sort) happening when we there.
my dad loves that kind of stuff. 

so yeah. it was unfortunate for the arc not to be perfect when we need it to be. 
thats all basically, like I said, we didnt spend much in Paris but on the souvenir we just buy anything that looks affordable and nice. 
I didnt really enjoy myself in Paris. haha. I dont know why. but seeing the Eiffel Tower. is enough. It is just a tower, when it is in front of you. 
but Alhamdullilah. I encounter good people and nothing bad happen. 
Paris done. we shall never come again without a very very very good  reasons. 

This is Nik Camelia Al Haded. over and out.

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