Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bumi Europe '15 - London Calling

This is Nik...... coming in, over. .....

Shall we start.

So my previous two post talks about, how I get the chance to go to London and the other one was on how I decided to go. lebih kurang laaa.

In this post, Im going to make it as informative as I could. and also the continuation of this post.

The following screen shot is the tentative program.

what I get from the trip is

1. Flight ticket
2. Accommodation
3. Food
4. Transportation
5. Arsenal VS WestBrom game's seat
6. Visiting London attraction (London eye and Madame Tussaud etc)

the total cost for the whole thing is about RM11,000

and yeah

I know

I know

its AMAZEBALL that I get it for free. ALHAMDULLILAH

Encik Hazim(org bank islam) said to me ,

"All you need to prepare is your clothes, daily requirements and some money to spend on souvenirs or shopping"

"Tu pon kalau nak belanja, kalau tak nak pon takpe"

 So that is the summary of the whole thing. 
The continuation of this post will be on my review on each and every place I went. 


This is Nik Camelia AL Haded, bless by Allah to travel
 over and out.



  1. Hey i saw your youtube video on your apartment tour. I'm going to the grand plaza serivced apartments next month, i was wondering if you could tell me about your experience at the apartment, and what was good and bad? Did you like it? Thank you xx

    1. Yes i can!!!!!!!! The post is almost done. Been doing it for awhile. When are u going?