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Bumi Europe '15- Accomodation (R)

This is Nik , comin in ...... over.

So for the London Calling competition I won, I got the chance to stay at

(go ahead and click it to access their website)

it was a very small hotel.
comfy and cozy enough
but Im travelling with a group of 30 people,so

when ever we gather, the lobby will be full.


which is amazing and something to be proud of

because it is own by Malaysia, it feels like home.

you dont need to worry about
whether the mug,fork and spoon need to be samak.
whether the food is halal....
is there any kiblat direction provided

sume settle. for muslim . settle. check in jer. you will be just fine

that is the only thing I ate at the hotel. lunch and dinner sume kat luar

the following are my breakfast throughout my stay there

yes. its the same, EVERYDAY.

since, we are going to be out one whole day and back at the hotel only at night.
telan jer laaa. tenaga itu perlu.

we are eating in the room because the breakfast was delivered to us. the cafe was under construction so that's how they did it. even if u are starving at 7am, if the receptionist said tht ur breakfast will arrive at 8am. 8am it is. 


the above videos are on how I go to my room and my room tour.
I dont know which type of room I get,

but it accomodates 2 person. Im staying with another winner, and she happens to be budak UPM jugak.
which is awesome and does not make the whole situation a lot weirder coz I thought I will be going with makcik pakcik only. haha

So for the room. It is a little bit tiring to go up there every time, but I dont want to complain
It is super duper comfortable.

My last visit to London, I stayed at a house in Camden, despite I sleep in the living room which is a big space, I somehow feel hmmm rimas? suffocated. I had to open the windows if not, I feel like I cannot breathe well. I think its because of the wheather and the heater that cause me discomfort

So what ever happens then did not happen to me here.

But we did open the window coz, the wheather was pretty nice during our visit, we get to see a lot of sun. not like my previous visit. haha. That time the sunshine was malu-malu kucing gitu.

what else?
the toilet is pwetty small. but convenient enough.
the bed is awesome.

am not sure is it because Im too tired when I go to sleep or the bed is just too comfy, that makes me, baring jer terus tido nyenyak.

they provide iron, hair dryer, safe case, pan, kitchen and everything you need to cook.
awesome kan

but we didnt cook.


let me add up another thing.

the venue of the hotel.

it is a very strategic place. It is nearby the Oxford street. going there by cab will not cost much. walking there may cause leg-ache. haha

hyde park is just a few blocks away.
next to hyde park is the Kensington Palace Garden park. which is much more nearer to the hotel.
hmmm. paham tak. macam ni,
Hyde Park and Kensington Park is at one place, but the park that is nearer to the hotel, means, pagar taman yang paling dekat dgn hotel, is Kensington Park.

On my 2nd last day, I woke up at 4am.
took my shower and go outside for a walk.

I wanted to go nearby but there was nothing there, only hotels and closed shops coz. duh. its 4am.
yes. 4am for transition season from spring to summer dh terang berderang. -_-

so I walk alone to the Kensington Palace Garden park and visited my GRANDMA at the Kensington Palace.

then I just strolled nearby the palace coz I WAS ALONE. so yeah. it can be pwetty scary.
posing sorang sana sini. then about an hour later baru balik.
Price William pernah stay sini with his family. then they move. I wonder how is it like to have a public park. Random people can jst jump over the fence kot. hmmm

The grass wasnt tip top. greeny. as I want it to be. Malas nak carik rumput cantek. Baring jer dekat kwsan yg nmpak bersih.

I dont know how far is Hyde Park but, walking to the Kensington Palace itself dah penat dah sebernanyer.
Park tu besar giler kot.
Tapi kalau pergi ramai2. Jalan sambil borak you guys tak perasan kot. I was alone, it was really krik krik krik. literally.
Scene kiri: " eeeeeee, ada itik kat tasek tuuuuuu" pergi dkt2.  Scene kanan:" ergggggghhhhh, byk shit" patah balik
you can go ahead and watch the video below, to see the surrounding of the hotel area.

other than that. there are a lot of souvenirs shops nearby the hotel.
buying souvenirs here are much more UNTUNG then in Camden market yg popular dgn kemurahan yang tidak wujud sama sekali.
I went to the paling kiri and the paling kanan. 

because. let me tell you why.
keychain with the same quality.
cost 6 for 10p at Camden
at Bayswater's souvenirs shops, they offer.

24 pieces for 10p.

thankfully I didnt spend much at Camden and when I knew about the crazy cheap offer they have there, I went straight to them after we got back to the hotel at night and spend about 50p sekali terus.. haha. for my friends sake..


Since the venue of the hotel is pretty strategic, the cost for one night at the hotel may not be so affordable.
depends on how many people are staying and your requirement. if you want to be close to the city and walking distance to some of London attraction, these hotel area; BAYSWATER, can be consider.

I hope my post is informative enough.
Hope it answers any of ur needs.

other review will be in another post.

This is Nik Camelia Al Haded, got addicted to the Kellogg cereal (dlm breakfast given) sampai balik Malaysia terus carik, jadikan breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. haha
yup. bought 3 of em' serentak at Cold Storage.

over and out.


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  1. Thank you for making this post, I really appreciate it! I am looking forward to staying at the grand plaza apartments now!x