Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bumi Europe '15(Places to GO)-part 1

This is Nik ,coming in. over

I did the review on the restaurant I went , now it will be on the places I visited.

and I will suggest on how to enjoy your trip more. for the first timers.

the first place we have to visit was suppose to be the Emirates Stadium, but along the way, since we were early and passed by Camden market; which is not in the itinerary, the tour guide suggested we have a quick-shopping spree for about 45 minutes there. so the bus driver stop at side of the road and off I go to shop.

yes, I shopped all by myself coz ITS MA KAMPUNG. ok taaaakkkk. haha
coz I've been there before so I know what is where and where is what.

here are some TIPs  about Camden Market.
the vendors there are not really friendly. Im not saying all..some are friendly but so so laaa
coz Camden market is known as tourist attaraction to shop for souvenirs so they do not want to lower the price as much as we wanted coz they know, there's more people to come that are willing to pay for that price. you understand what Im saying.

so you have to be smart when you make negotiation. if its not worth the money then just go away.
when I say WORTH THE MONEY, it means if you can find the thing at other places and you may get the same or lower price then dont buy
if you want to buy something that is hard to find and most probably will cost more, then go for it.

blockbuster movies accessories and props.
Harry Potter, Lord of the Ring, Game of thrones, and many more.

At Harry Potter Warner Bros(WBros) studio, the cheapest thing in the shop will be 2p; the postcard. next cheapest will be 8p, the small tie pin. and the list goes on.
At Camden, you can get Hermoine's time travel necklace at 6p while at the WBros' shop may cost 12p, and most of them(vendors) in Camden will make an offer, like 2 pieces for 10p.
always ASK them for any offer.

end of discussion for Camden market.

next stop Emirates Stadium

yeah, Im not even an Arsenal fan.
I dont even know how am I suppose to brain the fact that
someone who doesnt watch football that much, been growing up around Man Utd fan, going to Arsenal stadium
I dont even know who is who. who plays what.
tapi free kan. layaaaaan

well, a good friend of mine is an Arsenal fan. so Im going there on behalf of him.
semi sweet semi hantu-nak-buat-die-jealous.

what to expect in Emirates stadium.
hmmm. tak. let the pictures speak its thousand words.

next stop. London Central Mosque.
it is also known as Islamic Cultural Center.
it is the biggest mosque in London.
and it is a mosque by itself. meaning, the building is build for a mosque.
most of the mosque in the UK, either used to be a non-functional room or shop-houses.
but not for central mosque.

it is a mosque like the one in Malaysia.

ok now.
where's next.

Piccadilly Circus.

the purpose that I am here is because, Bank Islam made a schedule where we will be shopping for sports good here.
coz the biggest sports store is located here and the name is Lillywhites Sports Mall.
yes, its a sports mall.
it has like 7-9 floors where each floor has its own category.

and its not that spacious.
a mall that have all sort of things and brands is in small spaced place.
the clothing section looks like its a bundle store. but the clothes are from the branded line. Nike, Lionsdale and etc.
so I find it really uncomfy to shop.

the offer and sale are good though. I bought Salenza shirt, one for 3p but take 4 for 10p. nice kan.
and squash balls cost 3 for 4p while at Malaysia one ball can cost RM12.
the shoes. hmmm. it was too crowded. I dont even want to look at it.

that will be about Lillywhites.
how about the Piccadilly Circus itself.

it is actually a meeting point.
known as the place where if you want to meet up with people, then here's the place.

there are branded shops around but its basically the same as the Oxford Street.
so, Piccadilly Circus is worth passing by. means, you can choose not to stop by, just take the tour bus and pass by here.

but there's one shop where I find it to be the only alasan munasabah for me to be there.
a souvenirs shop.
Cool Britannia 

here, you cannot bargain. its a shop.
but the choices of souvenirs are amazing.
it does cost more.
so if you want to give something with quality for someone special. this is the perfect place.

that is for my first part of my visit to London
tooodles ...fuh penat.

This is Nik Camelia Al Haded, tak puas jenjln tp cpt penat.
over and out.


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