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Bumi Europe '15(Awesome foods in London)

This is Nik, comin in. over.....

Yeah, this will be an awesome post.

my first visit to London, we were on budget.
sbb we believe the money are more worth to spend for shopping
so mostly masak sendiri.
bawakla sume lauk pauk instant.
If we are not at the house, we will buy a huge or lots and lots of sandwich.

I remember eating a foot-long sandwich when I was on my way to Warner Bros Studio Tour.

there were time I ate SALMON masak asam.
surprisingly. SEDAP GILER.

so when the choices of food are very limited, I missed Malaysia.
when we visited Bicester Village there were a Thailand restaurant, we ordered vege phad thai, It was so good, All of us ate as if we never ate for the past few days. haha.

That is for my Europe trip with my family.

for London Calling

I get the chance to taste/experience most of Malaysian restaurant and also Halal restaurant in London.

what Im tryng to say is that, I went to a non-Malaysian restaurant but it is Halal as well

Budget traveler don't usually eat at restaurant coz my oh my, the price is super tak logik.

One of the menu at a restaurant I went is satay.
6 batang satay, cost 7p.
thats like 1p for one satay. RM5 for one batang satay. omaigod.

below are the list of the restaurants I went

 1. Melur ( the very first restaurant. Sampai London terus pi sini)

a famous Malaysian restaurant. known to many people. many Malaysian celebrities tried their food and I think most of the travelling show/program/channel will go here too.

sbb first restaurant. ada laaa gmbar. lps tu restaurant lain focus nak makan jer. dh tk peduli psl gambar. 

2. Rasa Sayang @ Soho ( lunch place for our 2nd day. We came here twice)

The place where I learn to eat long bean. coz, their long bean. Subhanallah. Boleh makan dgn nasik gitu jer. sedap eih. For me, I think this is the BEST out of all the restaurant I went.

3. Aroma @ Shepherd's Bush ( the best buffet you can imagine in the city of London)

I was starving but I was tired as well. Buffet is where you go for many rounds right. Like the first round you take the main dishes, then second round you to another main dishes, the third round you take light food and it goes on until u satisfied with the amount you paid for the buffet.

In my case, I was freaking tired. so I went for three(3) rounds only. Two main dishes and the last one is dessert.

4. Satay House (the uncles and aunties said they served the best food,compared to the others. I dont have any comment)

a small restaurant. cozy. and again I was tired. didnt really focus on the surrounding .just makan makan makan. sedap mmg sedap. tgk harga lah. haha

5. Little Bay Farringdon ( A non-Malaysia restaurant but serves Halal food)

the appetizers. buerk. they serve vege soup. then the other food was ok. we didnt have enough time to eat the dessert, so the waiter pack it up for us.
and again I was reallllly tired. this one was the worse.
Efi, my travelmate, said muka aku dah mcm zombie. This was the day where I woke up at 4am and walked at the Kensington garden park at 5am.
this restaurant is a little bit scary for me. Because it was like emo and gothic. errr. takut. 

6. Villandry Grand Cafe  @Bicester Village (tak free, bayar sendiri. So saddd tp dapat diskaun.)

The good thing about this restaurant is that, they know you dont eat pork or lard. I think its because they get a lot of Arabs customer.
What happen was,

I want to order fish and chips. and I asked the waiter if it is beer bartered. 
and she said yes
I immediately sedih. sbb dh teringin nak makan waktu tgh que lg.

then, the waiter suggest some of the food that I can eat. She just know what we cannot eat.
I dont remember what I ordered, it was good at first then makin lama makin memuakkan.
but my friend ordered., i dunno what fish. It was really good. So order fish. The fish is good.

The point is, you can just ask them, vege food or those with no pork and lard. they will suggest coz I think they received lots of Muslim customer.

1. Penang

a restaurant accidentally terjumpa. its a Malaysian restaurant. so give it a try. 
I was recording myself walking in the luxury mall called WESTFIELD. located in Shepherd Bush.
then, I looked around and notice the restaurant right behind me.
betui betui kat belakang tuuu.

it is a big restaurant and located in luxurious mall. 
Im a proud Malaysian.
but I can guarantee. the price will not be sooo reasonable. hehehehe. KOT.

2. Zeynah (small Turkey store)

located in Oxford Street.
I was hungry while looking for lush store for my first visit and I found this small store. It shows the Halal sign. We bought lamb shawarma.
It was soooo salty but I was sssoooo hungry that I neglected it and continued eating. but I didnt finish it.

As for my London Callin trip, the same thing happen, I was on my way to lush store. We can only spend 3 hours at the Oxford Street after tht we will go straight to the airport so wasting time is a BIG NO NO.

but Pang (my roomate) and I were very hungry. So as soon as the bus park at the side, we went out and aimed straight to the food store. Since Zeynah was the only halal store I know, we went straight away for it and bought the same thing.
But this time, it wasnt salty, It tasted great.

one funny incident happen about this shawarma was.
I was hungry, Pang and I seperated. We want to shop at different stores.
I arrived at Lush. I was planning to EAT WHILE SHOPPING.
then I whatsapp my family, asked them to list all the stuff the want in LUSH.
So, while they were membebel in the whatsapp group, I sat right infront of the store..
and start eating it.

I ate half of it. kept it. and start shopping.
After I was done, at the counter, I was miserable with lots of things to hold in my hand,
I have to pay for the stuff. answer the whatsapp and also holding my shawarma.

then the sales girl offer me a help and she hold my shawarma.
when I was busy looking for my card to pay for all the stuff, the salesgirl asked me

You were the one seating in front of the store eating this thing right. 

Yes. haha. it was me.

Was it good. coz I looked at u. You looked like u really enjoyed it.

Yeah it is.  *dlm hati: i was hungry woman what do u expect. (jokes)

Good. coz I wanted to give it a try after looking at you eating it.

you should. the store is just around the corner. a turki restaurant.

ok great. will do.

hmmm. ak plak yang promote makanan sana. kan dah cakap. mai kampung. 

so thats all. I wish I covered all the restaurant I know about. Hopefully it helped u guys. 

The reason on why I kept saying I was tired. its because I was jet-lagged. I woke up at 4am slept at 11pm. What do u expect. hehe

This is Nik Camelia Al Haded, blessed with an opportunity to eat good food. 
over and out.

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