Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bumi Europe'15 (Places to GO)-part 2

This is Nik, comin in. over.

I have reviewed some of the places I visited in previous post.
so here's the continuation

first up, Madame Tussauds London 
yeah. the worldwide famous wax museum .
I never really thought or anticipated to go here. because I know its not cheap and there are only mannequins or wax figure.
but since its free. again, we layan.

and I had so much fun meeting with the hollywood, bollywood, the marvels and politicians.

even its fake. 
but some of them do look so real and its creepy.
so the wax doll are exactly the size of the person in real life. thus let picture delivers its thousand word.haha

Bicester Village Outlets
I have been here before and wrote a review in this post. 
so,I'll just do some update.

first thing you need to know is that, the Thailand restaurant I went in 2014, is no longer there. so saaad.
the phad thai sedap kot. :(

and for my london calling visit. I know that Bicester village offer a GIFT CARD.
which is actually a good offer. they list out the things that they offer. 
I used the food coupon, it was 5p off at any restaurant in Bicester Village. 
 they have so many offer in it. so upon you arrival, take the gift card first. 
go through every single offer. and marked the one you want to use and start shopping.

Trafalgar Square   
it is the same as Picadilly Circus only it has more entertainment. 
and the location is great. it is nearby the gate to Buckingham Palace and British museum.  
tempat ni ada la orang2 yang lagak mcam patung tu. bila kiter letak duit baru die gerak tu. haaa banyak benda alah tu.
so. gitu jer la. not much. thankfully I dah jalan sini waktu first visit because visit London Callin ni lalu tapi duk atas bas je takleh turun.
Trafalgar square in 2014

Harrods Department Store  
the shopping heaven for those who have lots of money.
seriously, it is.
when we came here. I thought, me and Pang (bdk upm a.k.a roomate london) will just go around and get out. We cant afford anything there so what for lama2 kan.

then I remembered that there's a request to buy some harrods stuff
and Pang also happen to need to buy things for other people
So we estimated to spend only one hour.

we end up rushing back to our bus because we spend too much time here. 

first of all its because of the direction. it is really super confusing. we asked the people around so many times to get to the place we want.
and about half an hour later we found the souvenirs section. I took the things that orang pesan and reconfirm with my sister so that I can just go and purchase it but the questions led to another request and more request. 

haha. that is my story in Harrods. as for the review. 
again, it is a great place to shop.
if you happen to be here and bila balik Malaysia ada orang nak kawen ke or ada kawan nak dpt anak ke. haaa shop la kat sini. try to find the most affordable one coz it will be one of kind punya hadiah. hahaha
make sure pergi wrap guna harrods punya wraper and bagi dengan beg plastik harrods sekali. gituuuu.

Hard Rock Cafe London

The tour seperated into two groups. One group went straight ahead to Harrods and another one stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe. I didnt have anything to buy so my plan was to go to Harrods. Somehow, my cousins asked me to buy some hard rock stuff a day before. very lucky. So I went to there and took only the things I need. I dont really like Hard rock. I think it is super overpriced. It's just my opinion. no hard feeling.

London Eye

London famous landmark. I dont find it really entertaining because I rode it during the day and there's nothing much to see.
BUT, it is one of the most-must-visit-London-attraction
so I just go with the flow and enjoy my time there.
the queue is so long however we talked among ourselves and time just pass by and I think we queued for an hour. I THINK. cant remember and I dont actually time it.

Thats all yall. 

this is Nik Camelia Al Haded, tak dapat merasa Disney Harrods Cafe, so shaddd. :(

over and out. 


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