Friday, October 7, 2016

Squash: Maybe one last time?

This is Nik. coming in. over.

Squash has been a big part of my student life. 
I played for 4 years in high school, entire matriculation year and degree years. 
There are lots of bittersweet moment. The best part was making new friends.

Winning second place in one of the sirkit tournament was surprising and funny. Rezeki. lepas tu tak merasa terus.

I got the chance to participate in the most probably my last squash tournament in September 2016.
It was held in Melaka. my hometown.
I was excited to welcome the team to my hometown.

Since the schedule was packed, and there were 26 of us (UPM Squash Team), so we have to spend almost the entire day at the court in Stadium Hang Jebat coz everyone have different time to play. 

The things that I was able to bring them to experience and try was the famous cheese naan @ Pak Putra, then the traffic-jem-cause Coconut shake and a 30-minutes photoshoot @ Klebang Beach. 

So here are the pictures taken.

From left: Gurshan (national player), Farhan (national player), Nik (cute player), Kupu (Bintulu player) and Nik (cute player).

dah malas la nak namakan sorang2.

new friends. new friends. can? hmmmmm

adik adik Kolej-11 aka roomate @ Hotel. Adik2, after this, turun training selalu ye.

boleh tunggu orang senyum leklok dulu tak. haih..

The tallest. duh.

The loud girls. super-loud.

One with the manager.

because #dab is trending. 

failed. I failed.

One descent team photo.

New frienddddssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
The left one is the champion. The right one is my opponent. A very friendly girl.  
one thing common about these two girls is their HEIGHT. iDongak. iPasrah. iTerima.

Emiiiii. Hmmmm. Met him ever since high school's tournament and we became friends when we met again in the IPT tournament. A talkative young man.

and lastly.
hmmm. iCry
These three.

They have been the ultimate best friends throughout my 4 years in UPM. Ying and I trained so hard when we were 1st year. Iqmal and Jiha were so passionate. They trained together with me even there were time when we have to borrow car from other people and went all the way to Putrajaya at night.

Jiha has the bigger picture because obviously she is the one who was very helpful and I improved my skills mostly because of her. Jiha has the most patience since she has to deal with my ultimate laziness running in the court. Iqmal is a just a good damn annoying friend. That basically summarize everything.

I cannot thank these people enough. All the memories. damn feels.

The end. iKenot handle the emotions.
iKenot move on.

This is Nik Camelia Al Haded, over and out.

p.s: I never thought this day will come. waaaaaa.

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