Wednesday, November 16, 2016

UK Family Trip 2016-What happen.

This is Nik coming in.

This post will not be about tips and me putting all the infos that I want to share about my trip but it will be more about story telling time.

At the beginning of this year, my sister said that she will be having a graduation ceremony in London and hoping that all of us can attend and also at the same time have our family trip.

Seriously, we start talking about this since January or last year. Im not sure.

We sort out everything and came up with a rough budget on how much will it cost each person.
I was the one who calculated every single thing.

How much will it cost if there's 13 people (this is all of us) then
how much will it cost if there only 9 people, 8 people and finally 7 people.

Only 7 of us end up going.
due to budget.

eventhough it will be merrier if all us went but some other things are way more important than travelling 10 000km away from home.

After finalizing on how many people are going, we bought the flight ticket and then we start to plan our route from there.


It is not easy NOT because it is hard to go around in the UK ,
it is more to making sure that we have proper place to pray, enough time to rest and my parents will not get tired.

Ouh yeah. The people who went to the UK are my parents, my sisters, two of my teenagers cousin and I.

Whenever we move, or where ever went, we always think about.
What if mama gets tired. What if papa got sick. Where can we perform our prayer comfortably and so on.

I will be sharing my schedule later in another post.
For now, lets look on the bright and fun side.

We went to the UK to attend my sisters' graduation and went to the cities other than London because we never done that before.
Many have said that, going outside of London is better than staying inside London.

I personally still thinks that I like London, I dont why. But I have to admit it is much calmer going outside of London. Less traffic, less crowded.

In 2014, I went to London, when I got back, I had a chit chat with my lecturer who has British citizenship. I said to him.
"I dont understand why my parents like taking the bus than the train"
then he replied
" It is better!"
and I said, "No, its not. Its so slow"

Now, its 2016. I am two years older and matured. hahaha
I have to say taking the bus is better than the train.

If you really just wanna relax the bus is the best.
You dont actually have to change bus unlike train where you have change according to the "line" that you have to take if necessary.

It takes us 45 min to arrive to my sister's graduation hall by bus but only 18 mins if we took the train. but we have to change it.
We dont feel like the bus ride was 45mins at all. because we are busy looking around. Rest and relax.

So if you are tourist and you wanna relax OR you have older people that cannot run here and there as much as a young person can, I SUGGEST YOU TAKE THE BUS.

I have changed so many of my perception towards UK. The people and the place. You cannot judge UK just by ONE visit. It changes every time you go.

At the end of the day, I still love Malaysia but still wanna go to UK. Insya Allah. I can and I will.
Well, sapa je taknak travel kan.

This is Nik Camelia Al Haded , I am not done shopping.
Over and out.

p.s I make UK vlog. If you want to have a look at it, you can search for my name "Nik Camelia Al Haded" at Youtube.

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