Thursday, November 24, 2016

UK Family Trip: The REAL Unfortunate Event

Hi everyone. Assalamualaikum.

This is Nik, coming in

I posted about a funny unfortunate event that happened during our trip
but this post will be about the real unfortunate event that happened to US during our trip.

Since we know that we are going to the UK in October. We have been prepping ourselves, a few months before.

During ramadhan, the holy month, we prayed hard to make sure that we will be just fine for our trip.

I asked Allah to
i. not making any of us SICK, . Thank You Allah
ii. protect us from people who wanna do wrong or bad towards us, inc our house in Malaysia.
iii. may Allah protect our journey, hoping that we can go there safely and come back safely.
iv. and many more.

Now that I am back I can say I got most of the thing I asked for. Thank You Allah.

nevertheless, I expected we will confront with some problem.
Maybe broken handphone, lost in the middle of nowhere or got scammed. Coz I got scammed last year.

The unfortunate event happen twice in the same day.
First, we were on a bus from Harrods to Oxford Street.
Kak Yana, my sis, decided to loosen up his shoulder muscle so she placed her handbag at the seat in front of her. She was seating at the 4-seat-looking-at-each-other-seat.
Kak Yana and I got off to the Selfridges station while others went to musolla which was a few stations more.
We went inside Selfridges. She went to LV section and I went to Charlotte Tilbury section.
Both of the section was close-by.

I swatch one lipstick and asked one question at the salesgirl, suddenly I got a phone call from Kak Yana. It was weird because supposedly she can see me, Im not that far.

Before I got the chance to pick up the call, she saw me and said "beg kak yana takde"

She already called our family members who were on the bus, just in case they took the handbag with them. BUT THEY DIDNT.

so thats the first one.

the second unfortunate happen  a few hours later.
Everyone were busy shopping and when its time to go back, we gather at a bus station nearby Primark.
The bus that we need to take, delayed for about 15minutes.

So there are lots of people waiting for the same bus.
As it arrives, it was flooded by almost all the people that are waiting at the bus station.
p.s: not everyone takes the same bus even they are waiting at the same bus station.

Then we got off as how it should be.
I realized my dad did not get out of the bus, he was still on the bus as the bus moved to the next station.

Aiman said, papa went back inside coz he thought he left his phone.

At our home, I am getting ready to go to sleep. I decided to have a glass of water so I went downstairs.
There I saw my dad sitting on the floor with frowned face.
I can see his holding his phone. weird. then whats the problem.

Papa lost his wallet. He was pick-pocketed.

This is Nik Camelia Al Haded, I believe everything that happen, happened for a reason.
over and out.

p.s: the next post will be about how the issues got resolved.

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