Sunday, December 4, 2016

UK Trip 2016: The G-day

Hi everyone

This is Nik, coming in


This post will have more pictures than words
coz I am so excited to share my sister's graduation pictures taken by my friend
and since I had my convocation a day before flying to UK, I brought my robe as well.
Like a boss.

Have to pakai lah dulu.

OK . Now we can start.

Eih saba laaa

U have to fix me first!

OK. Now are you ready?

Here we go. Typical graduation pose

Girls. Put on ur game face.

Now lets run for no reason

One formal with the family

and one. urm. aina?

They are my gold
coz Mama senang terhibur
ok papa, ur misai is itching my skin
eh ada org mengintai
these flowers are not mine but it shall be mine.
woi. jgn folo org lah.
Post-wedding? hehe

"Ok walk gracefully pls" said the photographer

Kiter duk amek shot berjalan. org lain lapa. hahahahaha

Fake laugh ni antara shot plg funny

I am not natural in front of the camera


the most decent crossing the road shots


om nomnomnom. I still remember the kambing I ate.

Let me finish my drink first-lah.

Woi. Im the main character la.

me me me me

Tak pelik kan pakai robe and pose atas ni?

Pelik tak pelik. Kite senyum je

Sakit belakang. Sandar sat.

Tguu bus. Bus tak sampai2.

Go away people. u are in my frame.

ergh. Aiman!!!

woman with career? can u see it. I can.

Ada anjing kecing kt pokok ni tak agaknyer.

Boleh tahan berat jubah grad ni tau.

Soon. Them. Amin



Now lets have a tour.

Ok museum bosan. duk luar lg best.

Jakun wanna try ice cream

"Pa, I already have a list of items to shop."

Dinner at burger n lobster. in which I dont enjoy cos I dont eat udang.

Thats all. Too much. Tak larat nak pilih dah.

 photo taken by Fareez Nasir.

This is Nik Camelia Al Haded , over and out.

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