Saturday, May 6, 2017

UK Trip: Because Allah knows better

Hi everyone,

This is Nik.coming in

In this post I would like to share about what happen after the unfortunate event that took place during  my familyUK trip. If you dont know what happen then click here to find out.

So, I cried eventhough my sister was the one  who lost everything.
We went and took the same number of bus that she left her bag in and told the bus driver about what happen and asked what we need to do. The first bus driver didnt understand us as if he cant speak english. I dont know how and why. We had to go on and off the bus for three time before we knew what to do.

Thankfully the 2nd bus driver was very helpful and he told us to take the bus on the opposite route, still the same number and go to the last station. and we did.

I cried along the way while my sister is busy making phone calls to cancel her credit cards and so on.

As soon as we arrive. My sister ran to the office and as I tried to catch up to her the office door closes in front of me and it cant be open. I got stucked out side. blergh. few minutes later, she came out with her bag. safe and sound.

As for my dad, well we tried to do the same thing as what we did for my sister bag but they said no wallet was found. Then we went to the last shop that my dad went to before the incident happen and they said nope as well.

My dad unfortunate event took a toll on us in a very minor way since the only thing that we cant do is to spend more money because all of my dad's credit card were in the wallet. So yeah thats it.

At first I was quite upset because he told me that he put all of his money in the wallet. I knew he exchange a few thousands pound. So I was really2 upset. and kept on asking Allah, why he is testing us this way.

The next day, we went to Oxford City. I literally had no mood but I force myself to enjoy my time. If you watch my vlog, I walk around alone most of the time.

Then we went to Bicester Village, I purchased all the things that people ordered from me and went to look around all by myself then suddenly I found my dad all by himself sitting on a bench with THREE LACOSTE PAPER BEG.

I went to him and asked him. WHAT THE HELL?
not exactly. lah.

he said that he lied. most of his money is safe and secured but he did lost lost a few hundreds pounds. I dont know why. But I cried.

I cried in the middle of the crowd. and asked papa why is he doing this to me.
Even the guy who was sitting next to him felt weird when he saw me crying in front of my dad.

After that, its all good. My dad kind of felt guilty so he followed me around and asked if I wanted anything. Unfortunately I didnt want anything. weird huh.

So we learned a lot after what happen to us.

First, do not be sombong with Allah the Almighty. Keep on praying to him and ask him to bless everyhting that you are doing. Ask him to show you to the right path. Ask him to protect you from those who have evil intentions and ask him to let you learn something valuable to live your life.

I remembered making dua everytime I finished my prayer during the month of ramadan, asking Allah to make the trip easy on us. Well its ramadhan, the holy month. gotta use the chance of sending the request straight to him.

Second, my mom knew that her mulut is kind of masin. My mom stayed a little bit longer at the mosque and asked Allah to ease our process to find the handbag. It was easy but it took 2 hours of shopping time. hahahaha

Third, we got no debt.
Since my dad loss all of his credit cards, we can only use the cash money that we exchanged when we were in Malaysia.
Well, both of my sisters still have theirs and I still have mine but we only used it if we really think that its worth it.
When we did that, we shop less and somehow we have less debt. coz u know credit card is debt.

Even though I am not satisfied with the amount of thing that we bought coz it is not as much as our trip back in 2014 but at least we got no debt. WHICH IS SO GREAT.

Allah did that.
and I am thankful
coz Allah know better and whats best for us.

This is Nik Camelia Al Haded, said Alhamdullilah,
over and out.


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