Monday, June 25, 2012

Team Malaysia Fan Run

This is Nik, over.......beeeeepppp

assalamualaikum Malaysia.

have you heard about the team malaysia, fan run, superfan, marathon.....n bla3.
if not. then u just missed one of the moments that creates history.
Team Malaysia Fan Run was made in support of our Malaysia contingent that will be going for olympic in London this year, 2012. this is the very first time in Malaysia where these such occasion are being done. Since Im having my 5 months holiday so I was into all this marathon and running stuff. so when I knew about it I was into it, and start to invite and asking people to join it together with me. I even blogged about it. huhu. but at the end I went there only with my sister.

firstly, we went to pick up our jersey at dataran merdeka on saturday. the event was on sunday. 

we went there at 6.45.yeah, freaking early kan. thats why my face .............................. no comment. half ngantuk walaupun gmbar ini diambil after warming up.

the artist that was there were Fizo, Mia, Elfira and Liyana Jasmay. Zizan Raja lawak was suppose to be there but then when I came home, I saw his tweet. He said that he could not make it because he was not feeling very well. its okay. I went home quit early coz it was raining heavily.

when I was running. ada sekali bunyi kilat and sangat kuat. the kids starts to pecut, the father start to drag their children and there are also father that carried their baby and quickly run to the finishing line.other moment that I remember is that, when the whistle was blowed, everyone is still in the slow phased of jogging then suddenly ada seorg father nih yg agak dlm keadaan gelabah coz his son was too fast and already in front, so he was trying to keep up with his son, it was epic funny coz throughout the whole the whole 3km, the father dok kejar ank dier jer. then ada one gurl ni yg I pass by, she was holding her fathers hand and said "papa,lain kali bawak adik jer la"(dlm keadaan mengah.)haha.epic cute.

 when I reached the finishing line, all the volunteer were standing there to distribute the medal and certificate. and waktu tuh hujan renyai2 jerrrrrrr.  about a few minutes later. its starts to rain cats and dogs. it was fun running and playing with the rain but think about the bad jerebu. ayooo. the rain was trying to wash of the jerebu and we were there to feel the nikmat of acid rain. i get an immediate headache. I quickly washed my head with mineral water, preventing the headache getting lot worse. and Im wearing hijab, cuba pkir org yg kepala tak beralas acaner. thats why I went home immediately, tak tggu pown event tuh habes. we didnt got the chance to give our support card to the athlete. the support card is the one where we wrote kata2 semangat or ucapn utk Olympian kiter.

this was the medal.

yeah Team Malaysia Fan run rocks.and this is me at home. I was lencun sbb hujan nyer psl. breakfast at Kg.Baru pown dlm keadaan ni.bila angin tiup jer menggigil. burrrrr.

haha. thats all from me. 
This is Nik Camelia, in support of our team malaysia to London
GO MALAYSIA.go Azizul hasni.(eh?) 
over and out.


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