Monday, November 19, 2012

jelitawan dan raksasa

This is NIKK, comin in.... coming in ......beeeppppp

assalamualaikum readers.

I would like to talk about the new tv series, which I may be addicted to(bakal2).
I havent watch any of the episode. but so far I heard the reviews were positive. most of the people who watched this since the first episode said, they are too addicted to it it until they cant miss any of the upcoming episode, that is how good the story is. but that is just some random people review, I have not read from the professional review, the way I see it, its goin to positive too.
So let me introduce to you the main cast.

ini ah Kristen kreuk lor. .. the hot lady from smallvill and the movie street fight.

so, sudah terang lagi bersuluh, bahawasernyer, lelaki sebelah dier is the BEAST. the hot one. . ;)

ok, this picture. can it be any more cuter. #ohmai. huhu.
so dats it. basically. just google their picture. there are tons of them. hoho. oh yeah the guy name is jay ryan.

that its. have fun watching the preview, coz youtube still does not have any of the episode. myb some other website have but I dun noe. I have been repeating the preview video so many times.haha. never gets boring.


This is Nik Camelia,
over and out


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