Friday, November 2, 2012


This is Nik .comin in, over. beeeeeeeeeeeeeppppp~~~~

 hey everyone, just want to tell all of you that, Alhamdullilah my skuash team, won the first place in our Sukan Antara Kolej (SUKOL).

from left: Wennie, Mas, Aisha(player and manager), ME and Wei Tee.
well, mas, aisha and me are in the same course while the other 2 are in different courses and they are our SENIORS. huhu
I was the first player, Wennie goes second and 3rd player were Wei Tee, but on the second day, Mas played in a game.

semenanyer kan benda yg paling sweet berlaku bukannyer saat menang first place. sweet mmg sweet but yg PAlING SWEET adalah apabila coursemate saya joined for latihan and came to support our team during competition.

so first, I would like to thanks.

Awang and Ijad, for accompanying us to Pusat sukan. FYI, Pusat Sukan sgt la jauh dri kolej and Mr Ijad tolong drivekan kereta, while Awang tlg teman jer poon. alang2 dh ikut ke pusat sukan diaorg pown try la maen , pukul sekali dua. huhu. 

2nd I would like to thanks to the others who came to support during the competition. bersyukur sgt dpt classmate yg sporting and supportive.

so, mereka dtg dgn satu keta. Avanza.

ni bdk atas nih. tinggi dier 183, haha. so sajer jer buli dier lari kiri kanan depan belakang court. Aisha kat luar ketawa besau kot. tgk cara dier kejar bola.

sya suka gmbr ni sbb, classmate saya, Hazim kata , gmbar ni Muiz(laki dlm gambar) mcm tgh mintak hug. hoho. n this was taken spontaneously.

thankfully they had a great time.
walaupun dtg lambt but its okay. they tried to play skuash and some of them are loving it. weeehuuu~~~

ouh yeah, after the game. we went to mines punya mamak and hang out kejap. so bebdk skuash yg dtg dgn transport laen pown sumbat msk dlm avanza. so dats why, gmbar diatas sedemikian yer.11 org dlm avanza,just imagine.

ini adalah group photo. sweet an. I am really touched by them. and masih lagi. huhu. 
terharu kejap. ;)

so, before I end this entry. on the last day of the competition, my foreigner classmate came to.
on the left is Akram while the other one is Mamali. 
you see. I have a very sporting and open minded classmate.

hidup budak Mechy.

so dats it. for now. 

This is Nik Camelia, over and out.


  1. ada 4 tahun kat sini nik. bila2 masa aku boleh kalahkan kau. muahahaha :P

  2. Untunglaaa nino mnx hug. Hohoho.

  3. kannn. Dier mintak hug kat hp aisha tuuuuu~~~

  4. siapa zzz? eh, pic tu dari phone taska lahh,. :P

  5. kau pun nak jadik annoying mcm awang jugak? haha
    eh sape zzz tuh? =='