Friday, April 26, 2013

University Life:Friends

This is Nik, comin in overrrr~~~

Assalamualaikum peeepsss.

I have not been blogging for a while, so before I do so, I have done a lot of thinking on what to blog about. So in this post I would like to talk about friends.

I have many friends. I know them in different ways.Squash, classmate, other-mates, a friend of my friend.
but, how many real friends do I have.
well to be honest. there are times where I feel tht my only friend will be my mom, esp when I'm at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, lying there, weakly. at tht moment I always feel like, my mom is the only person tht can help me dive up to surface.

well, tht is what parents are for right?

but lets talk about YOUNG friend..

the one who is the same age as u, the one who can get annoyingly crazy with u.
How many are them, are REAL?
real means: they accept you for who you are, the way you think but stop you at the moment when you do,think,feel the WRONG things. the one tht might not be a great help when you are facing huge problem but they can comfort you with their best effort or maybe do a minor help.

Reflect yourself and think wisely.because I have done my.
All I can say is tht. I dont have much REAL friends. sometimes I feel like I have none.
I only have people tht I know A LOT.and just a FEW friends

being in University might take you in many ways of becoming a new you.
one: the road tht will make you be out of track in the road of seeking the great Iman for Allah
two: the road tht leads you to have a cleaner HEART(becoming more pious)
and many more.

in my head these are the only to roads tht exist. So if Im not in road 2 then I will be in road 1 which is A VERY BAD THING.

what Im trying to say is tht, in university life, people change.
I am changing.

i thought I was being NICE enough to comfort everyone, but somehow, there still ways people to hate me.
even hating me because of being right and helping themselves. I have been asking myself what did I do wrong until this one person can DISLIKE ME. at the beginning I said tht, he/she have low set of thinking. tht is why. but things happen for reasons. I think a part of it is my fault.I dont know what, but there is.

quote from a hollywood movie.
"at the outside world. ITS A JUNGLE OUT HERE."
it is not wild because of the buildings and machine,
you can never expect what they are thinking.

some people plays dirty games, to survive, I want to play the right game.
In order to become a wise adult.

1st thing tht I did in becoming the new me is  I JUST SHUT MY less talking, so tht I can take care of my talking manner.because I think, hard feelings or other things tht can a make person hate you is because you did not take care of your tongue.

its not easy, but there are always Allah, up there to see our sincerity in our effort and help us go trough it.YOU JUST HAVE TO BE SINCERE.

this is Nik Camelia.
over and out.

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